When pain cuts deep and only a few speak the same language,
Hard to find someone who conquered fear,
Close to ending it all,
When cutting deep isn’t a metaphor,

Trying so hard to meet someone to embrace,
Repeatedly told you were born from disgrace,

What it means to be broken-hearted,
Stare into a dead person’s eyes,
Digging up soil,
Burying loved ones,

When the devil calls it is hard to swallow,
When pain cuts deep it is hard to sleep,

Swallowed a bottle of Vicodin,
Finished a bottle of Vodka,
Extra sleeping pills,
Wished never to wake,

Watching child soldiers abducted,
Machetes stealing limbs,
Smell of genocide after a massacre,
Carefully stepping over dead bodies,

Hard to face tomorrow,
When pain cuts deep and it is hard to sleep,
World feels like a cold and bitter place,
Nothing will change if we don’t wake up,


Published by Khalid Zilberg