Do you like computer games? Apparently, they can become quite addictive.

Some years ago, I read a story by a woman who liked to play World of Warcraft a lot. With much dedication, she brought her avatar, a night elf, to level 80. It had grown dear to her heart.

After five years, she decided that it was time to let go of her immersion in the virtual reality. But how could she end the relationship to her night elf into which she had invested so much?

Eventually, she comforted herself with the thought that she could pass the avatar on to her children, (strongly hoping  they would be able to properly appreciate it).

Waking up is very much like that process. It is like remembering that we are not the avatar at all. But that we have been sitting in the chair in front of the computer all the time, watching the screen.

Eventually, we find out that we have not only been watching. We have also programmed the whole play.

Waking up is not about staying identified with the avatar and leveling it up from 80 to 100.

The trajectory of awakening is about the shift of identity from the grip of entrancement with the character on the screen towards the witness. And then further on to all that is (witness plus screenplay).


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