My Brothers and Sisters, 




Does God ever appease the people?  Yes, but it is to their detriment and for their enlightenment.  When the people of Israel grew faint and lacked faith and trust in God, they begged for a king.  God told Samuel to give them a king, but He also told them the consequences (I Samuel: 8).  God knows what we need.  Often, He will give us what we want in order to show us and teach us what we need.


God has given us the King of Kings to follow—a King of Righteousness and Truth; a King who will always lead us to God and never lead us astray--Our High Priest—Jesus Christ.  Today, as a result of not believing and trusting God, walking in faith and the light of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Believers are living out the consequences of their behavior.


We can be grateful that our Father’s grace and mercy still abounds.  It is not over yet, all is not lost, and there is still work to be done; Christ to lift up, discipleship; kingdom building; and a God to glorify.  God has a plan and purpose for each of us.  To many, He gives a vision or a word to lead the people to a promise.  Yet, not everyone can see the vision and hear the word God gives.  Darkness stands in the way to blind and rob us of God’s blessings and to prevent us from hearing His voice.  


God has given us the promise of His Kingdom and eternal life.  If we are to lead others to the promise and if they desire to come with us, they must have faith. 


How do you get the people to cooperate and walk by faith? Cooperation can be difficult to achieve, especially with large groups of people.  As in the fable, of The Little Red Hen, her friends would not cooperate when she asked them to help plant the seed of wheat she had found.  Must we, also: till the soil; plant and water the seed; weed the garden; harvest and grind the grain; and mix and bake the bread, alone…without help?  Should we be more generous than The Little Red Hen?  Do we allow those who did not help to come eat when they smell the bread baking and when it is done? 


There is no guarantee that people will cooperate better even when they are assured of reward, compensation, profit or success.  Therefore, what assurance can we offer when we only have a vision and God’s given word to us?  Cooperation must be paired with faith.  Christ is the author and finisher of our faith.  Only through Him can we crawl out of the miry clay and learn to walk.  Only through Him can we increase our stride and increase our faith. 




Encouraging others to walk by faith is an even larger task to undertake.  Noah, especially found this to be true. Noah walked by faith, when he built the ark, following every detail of God’s plan (Genesis 6, 7, 8, 9).  Yet, only he and his family were saved from the flood.  Should he have built the ark and let those who did not believe in the flood climb on board when the flood-waters rose?  Genesis 7: 16 says, “So those that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had commanded him; and the Lord shut him in.”  Only God has the power to open and shut doors to His Kingdom.


Today, we help to build the Kingdom of God on earth.  How would we confront a similar situation, today, knowing that one day Jesus will return and all will stand in judgment?  


We have been given specific instructions to follow through God’s Word to build His Kingdom.  Should we surround ourselves with protectors and distrust to keep the unhealthy or unqualified away?  Do we tell the people that it’s okay, there is no need for them to change, because, Jesus is going to take you just the way you are?  Should we invite the darkness to just climb aboard and stick with us, because, we’re one happy family and besides, no one knows what God is going to do, anyway? 


Should we bribe people and pay them for their support with money, status, power and control, or recognition?    Do we accept the darkness in order to not discourage or lose the support of the people, community and government; adopting the policy to be politically correct and user friendly?  If we want to lead others, should we build ourselves a reputation built on empty promises and false doctrine; flaunting what we can do, or what we have?  


Noah knew that God keeps His promises.  His faith was anchored in the Lord.  He could not worry about his reputation, or that of his family, if he was to please God and save his family.  Noah’s cooperation and faith stood on God’s promise.  What can man promise that will give eternal life?  As leaders, we must show others how to stand on God’s promises, not the promises of man and the world.




The Bible gives examples of God surrounding His leaders by those who walked by faith.  Moses sent out spies to assess the enemy and the land (Numbers 13, 14).  Two, Joshua and Caleb, came back with good report; two who walked by faith in God; two who became leaders.  Pharaoh surrounded himself with wise men, but they could not see the vision God placed before Him (Genesis 41).  Joseph, the son of Jacob (Israel), walked by faith; brought the vision to light; and God’s purpose for the vision was brought into fruition. Men of faith walked before the army of Israel, proclaiming the glory of God.  Men of faith surrounded and protected the Ark of the Covenant.  But, how do you get the people to cooperate and walk by faith without an army or an Ark of the Covenant?




God gives specific instructions and instructs us to write them down.  When He gave the Israelites His Ten Commandments, He wrote them down (Exodus 20).  When He gave instructions to build, they were very specific, from the list of materials to who should build each item (Exodus 25-40).  He divided His people according to their purpose, strengths, and talents.  He provided Solomon with a predefined plan handed down from his father, David, along with materials, leaders, laborers, supporters, and benefactors to build His temple (I Chronicles: 28).  He supplied the vision and everything else, and then used the people to fulfill it.  Yet, one thing they were required to do, always…trust HIM, which involved having faith.  Still, how do you get people today to cooperate and walk by faith?

19 “All this,” David said, “I have in writing as a result of the Lord’s hand on me, and he enabled me to understand all the details of the plan.”




And during the battle with Amalek, Moses stood with his hands raised (Exodus 17).  When, his hands were raised, they were winning.  When, his hands fell, they would be losing.  When he grew tired and no longer had strength to keep them raised, men of faith (Aaron and Hur), stood at his side, holding his hands up.  Some see only the image of Moses spurring the army to victory.  


However, those who walk by faith, see Moses’ hands stretched toward Heaven, showing the army from whence their help came; showing them that God was on their side; showing them the promise of God, if they would endure.   In return, God required that Moses’ hands remain raised throughout the battle, to prove that winning was not because of the power and might of man, but the power and might of God.  Knowing this, the soldiers were spurred to fight even harder, for the glory of their God.  


Yes, we can and should show others a plan.  We can help them visualize the promise.  However, the people must know that they are following God, not just man.  They must be able to see beyond the flesh of the leader.  They must work because they want to see God’s Kingdom come, here on earth, as it is in heaven.  There must be no turning back; for it is given to us in Luke 9:62 (KJV) 


And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.


There must be commitment, not only to self, the leader, accomplishment and reward; but commitment primarily to God.  They can not look for confirmation of success or reward, but they must rest in the affirmation of God’s love for us, through Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.  Most importantly, we must help them see God in the working of the plan and God working the plan.




The Holy Spirit brings us into one mind (the Mind of Christ)  and one accord to do the work of the Kingdom.  One cannot abide in the Holy Spirit and work contrary to the Word of God; for it is by His Spirit, God has given us His Word.  There is one God, one Spirit, one Faith.  Those who dwell in His Spirit: know of His peace; His gentleness; His joy; His strength; His power; His grace and mercy; and above all, His love. 


We are meek as lambs, but we do not walk timidly; for all and everything belongs to our Father and He expects us to claim that which He gives unto us.  Grace and mercy is in our hands.  He teaches us righteousness and we are filled with truth.  There is no condemnation in our hearts; for we are free; free from double-mindedness, jealousy, malice, lies and deceit.  We have died and been born again of His Holy Spirit.  Each day, if self arises, we die again; for we hunger for the holiness and righteousness of God.  We cannot bear to be outside of His Light; exposed to the darkness with the cold hand of sin and death upon our shoulders.  We run back to the protection of God, with humbleness and repentance, seeking His favor once again.  In Him, we find relief, deliverance, comfort, mercy and grace.  If we have forgiven others, as our Father has forgiven us, He deals with us accordingly. (Luke 6:37-38)


Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.


When others look at us; hear us; touch us; they experience the presence of God.  We acknowledge His presence in everything we say; everything we feel; and everything we do.  Our eyes and heart show that we love because He first loved us.  We will draw others to Christ, if they are seeking the Light or repel them if they are lovers of darkness.


Do we bring in the darkness and allow it to stay, if we cannot keep our candles lit; if we have not enough oil to burn our lamps; if we cannot die to ourselves and live in Christ?  If so, then, the darkness infiltrates and overcomes us.  We become Believers who appease, tolerate and encourage sin.  We are consumed by a feel good, prosperity ministry which encourages people to come and stay as they are.  We entertain; placating and pacifying others to get them to do what we want, so they will pay attention and support our cause, instead of our God.


Only Light can stand and overcome the darkness.  Believers must walk in the light; for God is in the Light and through Him we have fellowship with one another; and through Jesus we overcome darkness and conquer the world.  


Believers were never meant to be “of the world”.  God set us apart to be holy and of His Kingdom.  Christ made us disciples to go out and change the world, not to open our doors and let the world change us.


We have been sent out to tend the fields.  But, what kind of seeds are we planting?  If they are good seeds, are they growing?  What kind of fruit do we bear?  What kind of farmers or gardeners are we?  In whom do we put our trust?  And to whom shall the harvest go?  


If we sow poorly, is it no wonder that some visions never come to fruition or go completely awry?  You reap what you sow.  The blind cannot lead the blind.  We have heard it all before, but we continue to err because we are not rooted in the Vine.  We want to lead, but we do not know how to follow; how to follow Christ.


The followers will follow because they are drawn to Christ.  The leader must follow Christ, but all must know who Christ is.  We are caught up in only showing joy and happiness in God and Christ.  But, this joy and happiness can only be brought about through our death and rebirth; sorrow, humbleness, repentance, surrender, death, labor, struggle, pain, emergence into the Light, growth, submission, obedience, unity, peace, joy, rest, celebration of the resurrection of the spirit and everlasting life. 


If Christ, be in us, we have nothing to fear. Christ is not afraid to root out and vanquish the darkness in His followers.  He is not afraid they will reject Him if He brings them pain.  He does it because He loves them.  The Father is in Him and the Father loves and chastises us.  So, this is what the Light must do to perfect us and draw us closer to God.  He must expose and drive out the darkness, so that He can dwell inside and give full and everlasting life.  


Appeasement of sin is not love; it is destruction of the soul and separation from the Light.


Many Believers lead today, but do not follow.  When one does not abide in Christ, they lack the love of Christ…they lack the love of God.  


Where is God’s love in leadership today?!  We have leaders who believe they can follow Christ’s teachings in some things and not others, but one cannot have one foot in the Light and one foot in the dark and at the same time walk the straight and narrow path with God.  


If you are going to love me, love me as Christ loves me or you do not truly love me.  Tell me when I am wrong.  Tell me how God wants me to live not how the world wants me to live.  If you truly love me, give me a chance at abundant life and life everlasting.  Do not just entertain me to give me a false sense of hope, security and a temporary smile upon my face.  And if by chance, I turn away from the truth, remember I have not rejected you, I have rejected God.  But, don’t give up on me.  


Pursue me as Christ pursues His sheep and rejoices for the one that was lost.  Make me accountable for this life that has been given to me.  Make me accountable to my brothers and sisters.  Make me accountable to God.  Show me how to have faith and hope. Show me how to follow Christ.  Show me how to love.


How do you get people to cooperate and walk by faith?  We give them to Jesus.  Let Him change their hearts and their mind will follow.  When we walk in the Light, we always speak truth to others.  This is not judgment; for judgment is condemnation without hope.   We do not sway one way, then the other way, to gain favor and support.  We stay true to our God first and always.  If we walk in His Light, we stay true to our purpose and His plans for us as individuals, children, and the Body of Christ. 


We must believe that God will always provide enough workers, materials and instructions to do what He has asked us to do.  He will provide by His will, in His way, and in His time--not ours.  He has shown us that one man can become a nation; one man can defeat thousands; one loaf of bread can feed thousands. 


Oh, ye of little faith, who believe God needs the world and lovers of darkness to do His work for Him.  Be ye children of the Almighty God?  Repent and give your hearts to Jesus.  


Father, we come to you in prayer. Please show our leaders that they must be steadfast followers of Christ before they can lead others; lest they lead them astray.  Speak to their hearts Father and remove the darkness and fear that encompasses them.  

Let them know our work is to turn the hearts of the children to their Father, so they will walk by faith and not by sight.  Teach them not to be afraid to give them to Jesus, so that the Holy Spirit can make them over again.  Teach our leaders to first seek the Kingdom of Heaven. 


Father, it is hard when we feel we are walking alone.  We always want to look behind to see if anyone is following us; if anybody believes in us and supports us.   Father, help us to come out of self; for we, too, are only followers.  We can do nothing without You.  

Many believe you only walk beside us.  They have not been taught that you will live inside of us through Your Holy Spirit, the Helper, you sent to us.  You promised that you would never leave us alone.  Help us to know you through your Spirit.  

People only want to present Your love and happiness, Father, but they don’t really know You. They don’t know how to show that everything about You leads to good and that if we trust you Father; if we surrender all; if we endure, even the pain, we will have unspeakable joy and victory that is everlasting. Amen


When the branches are grafted firmly into the Vine, then they will become strong, rooted in the source; fed by the Water of Life, fortified with His power; growing upward into the Light.  Then, they will work together to bear good fruit and the Vine-dresser will smile upon them. 


By the Grace and Mercy of Our Father,

your servant,



Published by Mishael T