It’s been a while now since Facebook has introduced “Earlier on this day” feature or whatever it is called when you see posts from your past on your timeline. Being pretty slow when it comes to latest features and updates I didn’t even care for seeing my own posts from the past until lately.

Here’s what I have to say.

I’m not  a big fan of seeing myself looking super skinny and fit on the day when I am particularly conscious about the pounds I gained for the past couple years. (Good thing is that back then I didn’t think I was skinny and fit, so maybe it’s also not as bad now).

Don’t appreciate seeing a picture of me on the Waikiki beach 6 years ago the morning after 4 hours of sleep when I am dealing with bunch of work issues,  nasty letter from HOA and feel overwhelmed overall. Yes, I am jealous of that girl who only cares how to pose better on that picture.

Absolutely embarrassed seeing myself doing stupid things on Facebook, i.e. being overly emotional, letting everyone and their mother know I exercised that day, being passive-aggressive, and what’s worst – writing about myself in 3rd person. Yes, this: “Valeriya ….is thinking to go to the gym tonight.” Guilty as charged.

Feeling a bit sad seeing pictures with people we took separate paths with. Even though I’m over it.

And yet, still very curious to click on the link every day – to walk down the memory lane.

Published by Valeriya Chunikhin