Now I know we talked about the basic non weighted lunge, but I wanted to move on to something more advanced for those of you who may want to spice up your workout. I posted another video to help give you an idea of what it looks like so that you have a visual and can do the proper form and technique. This weighted lunge is more difficult if you are someone who already does not know how to do the basic step lunge with no weights; if you have difficulties with the basic one then do not move on to this one until you are fully ready. Down below I have listed some benefits with using dumbbells/weights while lunging:


Weighted step lunge

  • Good for athletes who sprint and jump
  • determines if one side of your body is stronger than the other & if so, then work on the weaker side
  • improves core strength and stability
  • inhale lunge down and exhale when you stand up
  • find your center of gravity; know that when you use proper form and technique, you should not be leaning to one side or wobbling over.
  • heavier loads will strengthen your hips, core, and ankles without excessive pressure on your knees 

So like the basic lunge, this offers the same amount of benefits pretty much but also helps decide what your body is able to handle. Most of the time you will see people using dumbbells but you can also use other weights such as kettlebells and weight plates that can also get the job done in the same manner. Deciding what equipment to load up with depends on your strength and your ability to do the exercise. I would start with a lighter weight before moving on to something heavier; especially if you aren't someone who usually uses weights or doesn't have a great core strength to begin with.  It is important to practice the form and technique before adding more weight to reduce the chances of injuries & lower back pains. Again, this exercise is great and will do tons of things for your body as long as it is done correctly, I highly recommend it and changing it up as you go and excel!

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