It all starts in a few weeks, I feel like a baby taking its first steps and the freedom that comes with those tiny movements makes me smile. So in a few weeks I will be packing my life up into a rucksack and leaving on the adventure of a life time, first stop will be Bangkok and then on to the rest of South East Asia and from there on to Australia for a few years.

I aim to find a nice van to live out of in Australia and maybe a steady job to save some more pennies, but most of all I'd like a nice quite surf spot to wake up to for that dawn surf. If anyone that reads this has any tips or places/ things to do anywhere please get in contact and let me know. As this is my first write up on here it will be brief and a little all over the place but there will be more coming and a lot more structure so be gentle with me please.

So for now I will leave this here and there will be another post up later on this evening.


Published by Jake Amermanstale