"Wanderer of the Wild” will feature a character who has chosen to give up her ordinary life to live in the wild. Through these short stories you will be able to explore her world. Sharing my writing is quite the leap out of my comfort zone for me, but I hope you enjoy reading the first part of the series. This one is quite short, but they will vary in length, and I will post a new part every Monday. Let me know what you think, either here, on instagram, or on my blog. The second and third part are on there, and another short story is going up tomorrow. Thank you for reading. 


Underneath the night sky, the world had found its peace. Only the owls were hooting, cutting through the silence with their screeches. Darkness had reached the forest, and thick branches stopped the moonlight from seeping through. The creatures of the wild were asleep, recharging for a new day, but there was an unfamiliar sound; something lingering between a growl and a snarl.  A branch snapped and a yelp came from below the trees, but the quiet won the battle again a few seconds later. A shape was moving through the dark, bruised feet pounding against the ground. Bare legs caught on thorns, fragile skin ripping underneath the pinch, blood becoming one with the soil. Her breathing was loud and clear, her heart beating rapidly in her chest. Messy curls cascaded down her back, a thick braid keeping the hair away from her face. Her dirt-stained hand brushed the leaves as she ran, her body lifting off the ground as she leapt over fallen trees and sharp rocks. Her muscles were aching as the hill became steeper, her hands searching for support, but she did not slow down until she was closer to the top. She paused once she had reached her goal, her chest expanding as her lungs were desperate for air. Her eyes closed for a moment, attempting to regain her composure, before she let out a long, wheezing breath. When she opened them again, the stars had found her and welcomed her home, the brightness of their beauty reflecting in her eyes.

The sky was alive with the souls of all who had been lost, an uncountable amount of stars stretched further than the eye could see, shining ever so bright and buzzing with life. Every single one of them told their own unique story, and there was so much history and knowledge that could be gathered from studying the stars.The sky had faded from black to the darkest of purple, to a midnight blue, the stars lighting up and casting the world below in a faint glow. The girl was so small compared to the grandness of the world, and yet she had never felt more powerful than she did in this moment. When she gave up everything in exchange for her freedom, she had not imagined she would feel this way. It was strange not being tied down by anything or anyone, not following a social standard or rules set by a hierarchy. She did not know where she was going, but she had stopped caring about that long ago. It had been a year since she had last had a schedule, and there was something about the anxiety related to never really knowing where she would end up that had captured her. She did not know how or why, but she knew that she never wished to let go of this feeling; Light as air, her heart filled with love and joy, her eyes wide with wonder. Her freedom had come with a great price, but as she stood with her arms stretched towards the silver moon and her face tilted to capture the light, she felt the magic run through her. The wild was part of her now, just like she was a part of it, and she held the entire world in her hands. Perhaps one day she would realize fully what that meant, but right now just breathing the fresh night air was enough.

Published by Quelly And Dorian