In case it has escaped your notice there's a new adventure into the Potterverse that has hit cinemas in the UK and what a fantastic film it is (see what I did there?)

Yes it was a little weird not seeing Harry, Ron Hermione and all our other favourite characters (Hagrid I'm looking at you) but I also loved being able to explore a totally new part of the wizarding world. The film had everything you would expect from a Potter-esque film and the CGI for all the creatures was just amazing.

It was really refreshing to have the whole film set outside of the education system and see the many ways in which magic can make life a whole lot easier! (it obviously still has its downsides as well but who wouldn't want to just wave your wand and see your dinner cooked in front of you in a moment?)

I'm not going to elaborate about the story much further because it will spoil the magic of the whole film but I definitely have a favourite creature of Mr. Scamander's. This little fellow..


Picket, the Bowtruckle

Yes that's right the Niffler is pretty cute but this little guy was my favourite!

I loved the film but most of all it felt just like when you meet up with friends you haven't seen in a long time but as soon as you start chatting it's like nothing changed. We might be in a different part and even age of the wizarding world this time around but I still got the same enjoyment and magic out of it and I can't wait for the next installment (after I have watched this a few more times, I heard Eddie redmayne talk about easter eggs so you know...)


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