A lot of people nowadays are in search of the perfect getaway spot. This quest often brings the hardened adventurer to the most exotic and far-flung areas of the world. Whether it’s a lush tropical jungle or a hot white sand beach, the world has a limitless number of offerings to the experienced backpacker.

When it comes to being exotic and far-flung, the Philippines has a lot of locations to offer. One of the places that the country boasts to tourists and foreigners is Panglao, Bohol. Situated in the Visayas region, Panglao is just one of the many islands located in the North Bohol sea.

Although the Philippines offers a lot of fun and exciting places to go to, Panglao is one of the most famous spots when it comes to catering the needs of foreigners and locals alike. Jaime Dempsey, the host of History Channel Asia’s hit series Ride and Seek, is a living testament to the greatness of what Panglao brings.

To reach Panglao, one has to travel to one of Philippine’s major cities, Cebu City. From there, a ferry ride which costs around $12 USD is the fastest way to the islands. The trip will take you to nearby Tagbilaran Island. From there, a lot of travel options is made available.

Jeepneys are also available and are the primary public transportation of Tagbilaran. From the island’s Dao terminal, a jeep ride costs just $0.40 per person. The trip usually lasts for an hour and drops off travelers at the famous Alona Kew White Beach Resort.

A lot of fun activities and places often greet visitors and locals upon arriving in Panglao. Here is a more detailed view of the places and activities to do when in Panglao.

Alona Kew Beach Resort

Arguably, the most famous beach resort in Panglao is Alona. The resort also boasts a 3-star hotel that is more than suited to meet the demands of tourists. The accommodation is very good due to the several facilities and services that the Hotel has to offer.

The hotel has rooms which often have a queen size mattress, free wifi, and restaurants. The services they offer are also great, with an in-room massage, laundry services, concierge, etc. The food they serve centers more around Asian cuisines and Filipino food.

Dolphin Watching

From Alona, boats are readily available to take tourists to the open sea to watch dolphins. Travelers only have to book their trips the day before because dolphins typically exercise and show off early in the morning.  

Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan is a Filipino word loosely translated as “having stairs.” To reach the inside of the cave, travelers need to traverse down several steps below to see the magnificent hidden lagoon located deep within the cave. One has to take a van in Tagbilaran to get there. The trip costs just $0.40.


The wonderful island of Panglao brings a lot of excitement and fun to foreign and local tourists alike. The lush beaches have white sand and boast crystal clear waters. Along with the beaches and tourist attractions, the locals here are friendly and welcoming to visitors, especially foreigners.

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Published by Zachary McGavin