Hello everyone,

Recently, I've been watching a lot of flight attendant videos.  It's chaotic how they have to travel, manage a relationship and visit a new place.  You may ask why? Well, it's because I was just bored!  Not that I want to become a flight attendant, I want to be a pilot.  However, you must have a knowledge about the other professions around your industry so you wouldn't get to degrade others.  I mean, no one wants that mean pilot on the plane trying to drag the plane to another place. 

Being a flight attendant is a dream of many people. 

But that dream is hard to achieve. 

Barely anyone is a flight attendant, so the tips will be hard to find.  The training program is also rigorous as only a percentage of the class makes it to graduation. 

But how can I prepare for it?

It's easier told than done.  These YouTube channels may guide you to becoming a flight attendant, so try to explore and watch as many videos as you can (these channels are ranked in no particular order, as rankings degrade others).   

Disclaimer: These are only the YouTube channels that I watch mainly.  There may be other ones that are so much better, as I only know a sample of Flight Attendants that have YouTube channels.  So take what I say as a piece of advice.  Just please check on of these out.  I am also not sponsored by any airline to do this post, or forced by any flight attendant.  This is just 100% my personal opinion.   

1.  Trolley Dolly91

Honestly, her personality is the best.  She takes you on adventures and tells you about the flights that she has been on.  Not only that, there are adventurous and sit-down videos.  These make a great twist to a flight attendant YouTube channel, as you need to know about their life at home and their life on-the-run. 

2. Fly With Stella

Her YouTube videos are great, she literally packs her camera anywhere.  Cristella is a reserve flight attendant, and she has to prepare for crew-scheduling to call her almost every day.  I know it gets sucky to be in the hands of someone else, but you may learn more about being a flight attendant on reserve.  Chances are you may be like that until you gain senority status.  I know, life sucks. 

3. Jenny Ernst
​I started watching Jenny when I wanted to find out more about a flight attendant's life on the plane.  Her titles catch your eye, and yes, definitely flight attendants are not servants. She also gives a lot of information about her personal life, and what she took in order to become a flight attendant.  People who are flight attendants come from different backgrounds, and Jenny came from a creative background too. 

4. Wonderfully Made
​Talk about living by yourself, with no one, while being a flight attendant. 

Now, talk about being a mother while being a flight attendant.  Ale is a mother of a son and continues to live her life on an Airbus.  Not only that she posts videos about being a flight attendant, but some beauty videos too.  Just visit her channel every Tuesday and you see what I will mean.  She also seems to be really close to her subscribers: she responds many comments and tries to interact with everyone on camera during a flight. 

5. Misskaykrizz
​Ranging from tips to trips, this girl is everywhere to help you.  She takes her career on to a different step: she decides to show you what she bought from Frankfurt, and vlogs her trip to Paris.  It's a great way to stay in contact with a flight attendant's life.  Not only that, she also gives tips on training or flight attendant school.  She updates quite frequently, so be sure to check her out!!

This is the end of the list, and I really tried to keep it sort and sweet. 

Every flight attendant has their own style of documenting their lives, so it's really great to see a twist between some channels.  For this list, I tried to make sure that every owner updated their videos frequently, because in the summer, we all love to watch videos when we are bored. 

​Now, you know the legitimate life of the person who smiles and serves you food and drinks. 

They not only do that, they are also responsible for evacuation.  After watching those videos, it's easier to understand their lives.  They do not only serve people and fly back to their country.  They also have fun too on their layovers. 

Just remember to smile all the time during that plane flight. 

Published by Candice Zhang