Today, organizations of different sizes in different industries are utilizing LED Displays to inform and engage the visitors along with their employees. Since some consider this investment as highly effective, however, the others don’t see much improvement in communication with this technological product.

If you want to succeed, there are many strategies, but for the failure, there are only a few things. So, if you want to get the most from your LED display solution, you must avoid the following facts.

Let’s check it out what are these:

Poor Quality Images

The content shown on an LED display might get failed. So, keep in mind to use imagery. It is not only important, but it should be high-quality. Low-resolution stretched, or squashed images don’t appear to be professional. A clipart picture is also not an ideal option for a sophisticated audience. So, it’s preferred that you must utilize images with high-resolution if you want to reinforce your message.

No Contrast

The dark text presented on the dark background or white text exhibited on the light ground is the bad contrasting options. Choose contrasting colours not only to represent your message as legible but to enhance the key components. Here, high contrasting colours and bold text help to do so. So, you must be careful about your content design. If you don’t do this correctly, you won’t be able to drive the attention of passersby.

Signs that are Confusing Visually

In case a person consumes a great deal of time in understanding the signs on a LED display, this means that something is wrong. Only a couple of seconds are available to you in case you want to attract the attention of passersby and keep his or her eyeball on the LED screen. A lot of messiness on the display screen means that your original content gets lost. Individuals will think that it’s a bit confusing and simply walkthrough.

Try not to design your content with the following:

  • An excess of content
  • Too much of the content zones
  • Utilizing different fonts for every message
  • All caps
  • All bold
  • All italics
  • Messages displayed in a range of colours
  • Content lines too close with one another

No Flexibility

Try not to stick with the existing digital signage management team for a considerable length of time. At a certain point in time, the others will take over. Make sure that you are clear with the instructions and training methodology. Additionally, don’t set your framework so much that you are unable to adopt the changes with this digital signage system so that you can bring returns for the long term.

Awkward Content Movement on the LED Display

The moving text on the LED display screen gets noticed for at least five times in contrast to the static text. The content movement is pivotal to catch the eyeballs of the viewers. But, excessive movement of text on the screen will create chaos and will let the people walk away. So, you must sparingly use the video and animation for enhancing the context, not to weaken it.

No Call to Action

At the end of every message, you have to urge the viewer to go and do something. This includes – either visit a store, visit your website, attend a meeting or sign up for something, etc.  A call-to-action will help the viewers to assume that they are a portion of something and help you to examine how your efficient is your LED display.

No Maintenance

Before setting up an LED display, pay some attention to maintenance and expansion. Upgrade your system at least after three to five years. If you don’t upgrade and maintain regularly, then it might get broken.

Don’t Know Your Audience

If you want to communicate effectively, you must know your audience. You must know their needs & wants, favoured data kinds – tricks, tips, humour, what difficulties you experience, and how to overcome these. Check whether the audience makes an interaction through the display screens. Proper research for understanding your audience is important.

No Tailored Content

A few users of the LED sign have a reduced website version on the LED displays. This is the major reason for failure. The content must be tailored as per the audience, size, and location. Also, the content should be unique, intriguing, and can be easily read so that the people wait for a while to read it.

Wrong Placement

Never place your LED display screens centre at a great height or in a position that catches glare at some specific times in a day. Place your screens at slightly higher, i.e. at your eye level. If you place it a higher position, tilt it to slightly downwards. Ensure that your display screen is situated in high traffic areas.

Final Words

LED Displays are gaining huge fame because of the good picture quality with high-definition intensity. That’s why more and more industries are relying on it. However, you want to the best results, avoid doing the above-mentioned things.

Published by Michal Federed