I want Love,

I want a love that is just as free,

 A love that is just for me.

Positioned so exigency, just to purpose only me.

Thank you oh dear king for a love that set me free!

 Nothing placed above thee,

 Only in time will become everything that it was meant to be.

You stood right beside of me.

I hear your heart beat as I lean closer to you, jumbling full of glee;

 Knowing I was made from a part of thee. Your rib placed firmly in my body, gradually releasing a sensation only my soul partner could witness. As our eyes matched, so did our hearts;

 Souls locked in at first site; spirit knowing more than us, as we desired each other in silence. God allowed time to show us what we could yet see. Before our purpose;

Our hearts were set in greed. Wanting any and everything that seemed right for me. Now that I was set free, by Thee almighty King! Now being able to finally see, he has always known what was right for me. So as God was in lead I followed, in faith for tomorrows. That I will no longer seek, what was only in front of me…

A love so divine indeed, From Jesus our King! Captured by grace and mercy, you allowed me to believe; everything in my future path, was assigned to me.

While standing there; so heavenly as a king, grace was poured upon thee, for all nations to see; That a love so peaceful and sweet, with no envy for greed, can only be sent by the heavenly King! And in his will, all things set in stone, will prosper so elegantly on top of everything for all eyes to see, no grabs could reach. Because what sent by the king, could never be reached!

  Our Cost for love= Free for Eternity!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews