I am a lover, and seeker to find and spread beauty.  And deep down within the heart of each of us, I believe we are seeking something beautiful. We love beautiful things, flowers, a sunset, oceans spread far, mountains stretched high, sun beaming light, hair just right, eyes dazzling and kind.  beauty is something we all seek.

We want to know we’re beautiful…truly beautiful.   Why?  Why do we long for beauty so much?  Chasing it at any cost?  Chasing the sunset, watching the stars sparkle, wanting to have a beautiful life and heart, wanting to know I am beautiful.  Why is this beauty so stunningly attractive to us?






This is God…He is majestically beautiful…small and big beautiful thing in this life, are all reflections of Him who’s very name is B E A U T I F U L.

Could it be we were made to behold beauty?  Is this something we all long for woven deep within us for a purpose? The purpose to bring Him more glory…by beholding and finding that One most beautiful thing in the One we were created for?!  Could it be the One we were created for, is really the most beautiful things are hearts find attractive?  

I just want to be beautiful…This longing in our hearts to be beautiful, to know we are beautiful, could this be because beauty is so important to Him and He want us to know WE ARE BEAUTIFUL…beautifully created in His image!  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  

As girls I think we so often get confused and overwhelmed with this longing to be beautiful, to know we are beautiful. We go to great lengths, any means necessary to be beautiful…what we think is beautiful.  Yet, all those diets, workouts, makeup, and dresses don’t seem to make us feel fully beautiful.  You know, I’ll be honest with you, I’ve struggled a great deal with this.  And it wasn’t until I began to behold Beauty Himself letting His beauty be upon me, that I truly began to feel and know I am beautiful.   I’ve seen that unless I let His beauty be upon me, I can never feel fully beautiful.  Unless I trust Him with my beauty, I can never have peace and assurance in knowing I am beautiful.

“Let the beauty of the Lord be upon us.” -Psalm 90:17

He can be trusted with our beauty girls, He is beauty Himself.  And He is worth seeking, and soaking up, for HE altogether beautiful, everything our hearts long for.

I pray you know, that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL lovely girl…truly know this and feel this, and I know you only can when you behold Beauty Himself, and see yourself as He does, trusting Him with your beauty and letting His beauty come upon you.

It’s only in seeing Beauty Himself that we are changed, changed to see the beauty in this life and in ourselves, just as Moses was changed when he beheld God on the mount.  Remember, his face was literally shining!  This can be us girls…we can shine with His beauty.  Beauty Himself now abides not only near us on the mount but within us.

Published by Isabella Swenson