Not a day passes by where we don’t hear about a war or a major protest occurring in some part of the world. 

“ War is a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country” is the definition for the word “war” by the Oxford Dictionary.  What I’m unable to understand is that why has the human race driven to such an extent that it’s become so necessary for people to use violence as a means to be heard or achieve what they desire. 

Centuries back, wars were very much prevalent in the world. The reason behind the onset of a war would be a gluttonous king’s desire to expand his kingdom and gain more wealth, power and fame or insecurity that another kingdom is performing better than their own; and hence to sabotage the other’s kingdom. 
Thereafter, the inter-kingdom fights, we had the biggest wars in history; this time between the superpowers of the world- World War 1&2. 

The states of conflicts, however, don’t seem to end. Within the month of September 2016 itself, over 10000 people have passed away all due to war. Instead of going into battles, which do nothing but harm the environment, deplete the countries’ resources and manpower, people and governments should put in more efforts to resolve conflicts by clearly communicating their problems. When the world achieves this form of concurrence and solidarity, will it improve and develop faster than ever. 

Without the fear of a war waging above any country’s head, the manpower and tons of resources can then be diverted to use in activities beneficial to the growth of all the living beings on this planet of ours. 

              “ War is what happens when language fails”  - Mark twain

Published by Supriya S