when I had  finished watching Warcraft, have to say it is a really good movie!

The story within the film can be a little confusing if you are new to the whole world of warcraft game which the movie is based off, also the plot of the movie moves a little fast to keep up, and understand but near the middle of the movie you get to catch up but you can still be left confused, and the end movie moves to slow for my liking as well.

The CGI in it is utterly beautiful! Some of the battle scenes are pretty epic too! However you can guess whats happens and it is a little too predictable for my liking anyway, also having a lot of main characters within it where it switches to and from all of them it is a massive confused attack! 

However the ending has you believing that there will be a sequel to this movie which could be good or bad like most sequels.

For my rating out of 10 I would give it about a 5.5 but that is only because I guessed what has going to happen, and the plot did move a little to fast at the start and very slow near the end.

Published by Ameliarose Newman