So as you know in the last few posts we had touched on why and what i do with my warm weather training in Portugal but here is a little more, and a little more reasoning and history behind it.. and why i am a weirdo and love it!

I was in Portugal in Praia da Luz, just 12 days ago, its gone so quick! i love the place it sure is my second home and we have worked out this year i have been coming for ten years now ooo! and my father has been coming for 22 years! Crazy! Now the reason my father came here firstly was to do warm weather training, with some of his fellow athlete friends. this was to get training in, at different heat, humidty and terrain. As i am following his footsteps a little, the same goes for me, when i come out here to holiday. If you are following me on instagram already you may have seen some posts from last year and some of my tough warm weather training sessions.

Most people think ‘ergh’ why would you bother, your on holiday? What are you doing? Why do that?

Well the change of running routine is very exciting, other runners will know why i mean, i love running in different places and different terrain its exciting, and stops you getting bored. the hills here sometimes do get to my chest condition, but i try my best to dig, i then feel proud of myself. I love the heat to it is tough when training but i don’t mind being in the heat, i love being outside for hours and tanning is my favourite thing to do, so i love the hot weather, i also tan ok for a blonde even though i get sunstroke every year once i have had it the first time over I’m ok after that and then my holiday is fab haha. I get out early and get it done before the day gets two hot, and it reaches siesta. (Siesta is a time around lunch time where it gets super hot, tempretures are crazy and you have to be careful and respect the sun at this time, the siesta time is usually between 11am and 3pm) and my run would be about 8am so way before.

So my warm weather training this year included some walks, up hill and on the cliffs, also by the beach front, runs and walks mixed together, changing pace and time i do it for, so a little but of a HITT session (high intensity interval training), and then more steady runs like 3 and 4 miles worth of running, this is usually done on the roads more of a flat road, terrain. coach kicked my training up with some efforts sessions which i wrote about in my last few posts, which were tough, But in all fairness i enjoy it. I do really love it and even though its my holiday and im enjoying myself and relaxing lots, running is my true passion and i wont and dont want to dip out even while here on holiday.

So i use this time out here to chill out, and relax a lot, i sure do! i rest my legs from all the racing and training back home, eat lots, drink more and also enjoy the training more here. i enjoy the fact my body can still do it with my condition, and injuries i get, i’m forever grateful. If you know my family, and what we have been through you will understand why im like this, why i am grateful for every little thing.

happy running (wherever you are)
much love J x

Published by Jaydyne Overton