hot, sweaty, tired but still got a smile..

So in Portugal of course i continued to run and train, not the norm rate of course as it was my holiday after all but i love running and training in the sites of Luz and different terrain and views i was very excited too.

Warm weather training continues – as you may have read from my previous post ‘training time’ you will know i have done some easy runs and a effort session,this continues over my two week holiday. The sessions varied from a few easy runs to an effort session, to a new and different effort session i had never tried before.

So these efforts covered more distance probably about 600-800metres. They covered two small hills/upward gradietnts and two down, creating a square pattern round. My challenge wasto begin at the bottom ofa gradient then run down two and to finish up again. This killed my legs and bum!

I did 3 efforts times were –

1. 2.44

2. 2.35

3. 2.37

As you can see the first one i was unsure of what to do and when to push my body, and also how i would feel to get all the way round hard and be consistent throughout also unsure of terrain, as one minute i was on the road, then path and trying to following a direction round, avoiding traffic.
By the next two i was aware of all these things and really pushed my body. When running up hill of course you dig deep and push on and use all your strength to get up, when it comes to running down hill the stratergy does change.. i tend to let my legs go to try and keep a good stride but let the hill my pace and fall down with it, once i hit the corners i had to change direction, this is where my legs had to adapat to the change in gradient and speed, it was tough but once i was back in my stride again and on flat, straight terrain again i kicked on, in another gear, pushing on, my breathing heavy and my chest pains creeping in, coach with his hands on his hips shouting “dig”and “push” at me just made me grit my teeth and push on.

At the end of the 2nd effort i did fall to the ground. to go hard for that lengh of time the ATP is all used up and gone, my legs shaking, i grab my water bottle as i sweat buckets.

Coach looks down at me.. ‘get up, only one more to go!’

I literally groaned – ‘errrrggh.. these are killers!’

After a recovery period, i set of again, trying to repeat the same as effort two unfortunately, my legs were knackered and i was two seconds slower, but i was happy with it and my consistency. after this effort i felt like i was dying and family members of mine had gathered on our villa balcony watching me, which while i was panting sweating and countering it was not the most flattering sight of me to see.

I had a drink, key thing is to keep hydrated when warm weather training, i had a sit down and a stretch, once that was done coach made me cool down, a run and a walk, and then to take a dip in the cool pool to refresh my muscles. I was so very tired, i slept so well that night, i felt like i had worked so hard my body had to done so much work through, not only terrain, but weather tempreture and not much sleep. I was proud of myself.

Why warm weather train? For those wondereing why train out there? Enjoy your holiday don’t bother?!  I get excited about the benefits and how i can help myself. i look forward to it before holiday.

Getting up early – (to not catch the heat that is to hot)- this is great early morning run great to start the day the mind and the motivation.

No rain – no rain to stop me running outside i can just enjoy the fresh air and the wonderful views.

Warm weather helps muscles – cold weather tightens muscle and can increase injury.

Views – psychologically its great seeing the sea, cliffs, villas, sun and happy people its great to see when running. Helps the mind!

Vitamin D – helps up your vitamin D levels for those running inside always, you will feel happier, the benefits are brill from running outside in the fresh air and bright sunshine.

Air – the air in portugal feels very different when breathing in over there it can feel like hard work and running can feel very tough, but the benefits occur when you return home and go out running in our UK air it feels easier it feels like you can get more air in!? (strange i know but try it..)

Cliffs/hills- the cliffs and hills are hard work while you are doing them but then when you return home to where i live the land is loads flatter, then the running feels easier this is becuase your body has adapted and you have got stronger.

One thing i did have to make sure is that i drank loads and had my electrolyte tablets i didnt want to be dehydrated thankfully i only got cramp once on holiday so i’m chuffed with that. Haha considering it was two weeks lots of training, super hot and lots sweating. (Eww)

So any athlete or runner reading my blog today i thoroughly reccomend a warm weather training break, i will do another post on the pros and cons of doing it so you can be fully aware of what your taking up but for two/three weeks of my year i love it and look forward to it so very much! thank you for reading guys..

Happy Training
Much Love J x



Published by Jaydyne Overton