There’s nothing I hate more than people who act as if something is owed to them. Those stipulation people, shoulda coulda woulda ass people. I can do whatever I want but you have to do whatever I feel is fair ass people. Cry baby spoiled bitch ass silver spoon ass people. Must be nice to get whatever you want, have it easy and not have to work for shit. Lucky you.

Life aint fair, but you just have to take the punches and roll with it. I’ll never be able to respect a grown man who throws a damn temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. Throwing a temper tantrum is a perfect way to make sure you don’t get what you want with me.

I hate a cry baby ass little boy who thinks he’s always right and looks at things one sided. That’s why your feelings are always getting hurt and you feel like the worlds against you, you’re not looking at things realistically or rationally. Who the hell died and made you god? I wasn’t aware there was a king of the world. Get off your horse, get your ass off your shoulders and grow the fuck up.

It’s sad when you have to tell a man to grow the hell up, but it’s even more devastating when that man decides to father children and doesn’t possess a single father quality; Doesn’t even know what a father is. I know 12 year olds more mature men like this. I never thought I’d have to sit the father of my children down and have to tell him about himself.

I told my “sperm donor” as nicely as I could what I believe a man is supposed to do. I had to tell him his role as well as mine. I asked him does he know what it means to be a good father, and he said to love your kids unconditionally. I asked him what about providing for them and he said that comes next. My response was, “okay, we can love each other in a homeless shelter.” He has some pride issues and a bunch of insecurities. I told him I want him to be the best dad he can and I want our kids to love him, but I don’t know how much they will if we have struggle because of him. He told me our kids are going to hate me because of my profession, but I had to explain to him, no honey they’re going to hate YOU! They’re going to grow up and realized, god mom did what she had to do to make sure we didn’t want or need for nothing, while dad did nothing.

He looked at me the whole time with this please shut the f**k up look on his face, I hope he got what I was saying. Did I come at him the right way? Was I too straightforward? 

Published by ShylahBoss Lee