At school, Government was my best subject! My passion for the subject was great! It was as if I was learning about life on another planet,band I never got tired of listening! I was remarkably attentive! In class,the teacher moved like quicksilver, he never remained long in the same place; he was here, there and everywhere! Lessons were given in an impressive silence!

My Government teacher taught me that sovereignty belongs to the people!
How can Nigerians be suffering when the supreme power and authority belong to them? He said democracy is all about the people. Was he wrong? Or maybe he was right that sovereignty belongs to the people but his definition of sovereignty was wrong! Come to think of it, I saw the definition in the textbooks with my two eyes! Maybe the author was wrong! If not,the textbook was outdated!

Was my Government teacher wrong? Maybe he was! If not,maybe the textbook wasn’t for Nigeria(but it was written by a Nigerian) Something must be wrong somewhere! Please help.

Published by Adeyemi A. Adeola