"I am proud of what I did. I drugged her first, then I killed her," Waseem Baloch says. "She was bringing dishonor to our family."

"Girls are born to stay home and follow traditions. My sister never did that".


The above statements were made by Waseem Baloch, a Pakistani man who drugged and strangled his 25 year old sister. In his opinion, she embarrassed him and his family, so he killed her. 


This post is not about whether Qandeel Baloch was a saint or not, rather, it's about the shocking reality that, an individual has the right to take the life of another as long as he doesn't agree with them all under the name of "honor killing", that's the disturbing part. From the statements made by Waseem Baloch, it's clear that he sees himself a hero, sees absolutely nothing wrong and regretful in his actions and he believes there's no crime here for him to even be punished for.


Where did we go so wrong that "killing a person", "committing murder" which was not in self defense could be argued upon as either right or wrong. Rather than arguing on the best course of action to punish the perpetrators, we are exchanging words on if an unapologetic murderer should be punished or not, that is disheartening.


Qandeel Baloch is not the first person to be a victim of this "honor killing" and more upsetting is, she probably wouldn't be the last if the comments posted on social media after her murder are any testament to be followed.


According to CNN, Waseem Baloch has been arrested and charged with the murder of his sister Qandeel Baloch. It now remains to be seen if this would be the beginning of a new era where people like Waseem would think twice before committing an act as heinous as murder, or if, as the case often is, Qandeel Baloch's case would end up among the pile of honor killings that went unpunished.

what are your reactions to Waseem Baloch's actions?

The above image is courtesy of Aseem Tanveer of TIME.

Published by Ameena K.g