This little read I originally posted on my personal blog a couple weeks back, I thought it was worth a share.

A day has 24 hours, 1440 minutes and 86 400 seconds.

People spend most of their days complaining, or arguing, or working at a company they hate. They are constantly rushing around and waiting – waiting for what exactly? Waiting for things to change, hoping that something new will come along, something perfect. Whether it be a job, a partner, a friend, a car or a house.

That’s the thing with us human’s, we wait – and then we wonder why nothing ever changes.

We wait for someone to apologize,
We wait to get that new job promotion,
Some wait to get a job.
We wait to have money to follow our dreams.
We wait to take the next step.

We wait for life to happen – but we are not willing to make the changes or take the steps that will get us to where we want to be.



If you where told that you had 24 hours  left to live, would you:

-Wait 48 hours to apologize?
-Wait to win the lotto to travel to your dream destination or become an artist or singer or whatever it is that you are truly passionate about?
-Spend your last day alive going to that job you absolutely hate?
-Find faults in every person you meet because you are looking for perfect to come along?
-Fight with your loved ones over the smallest and unnecessary things?
-Use all your energy on road rage in morning traffic?



The easiest thing in life is to hate, be angry, be bitter or selfish. It takes absolutely no effort, however  it is the most tiring and draining thing in the world. To smile, takes effort – you need to use the muscles in your face. To say hello or how are you? Or I am sorry, or you look lovely – for some reason these are difficult things for us human’s to do. Maybe we are too proud, or shy, or just stubborn.

In the past few months I have been to Bali, Thailand and Vietnam. I have seen something quite spectacular in these Asian counties. They call it the simple life.



I have not spent years in these destinations, however the time I have spent there has shown me what the simple life is all about and how life does not need to be filled with all these bad and negative emotions all day.

These people have the basics, they are not consumed by artificial crap to get them through the day. Let’s get real, no country with ever be all roses – you have your crime and drugs everywhere. When I talk about the simple life, I am referring to the small things. I am talking about zero road rage. Everyone drives everywhere and some into each other – a hooter/horn is not used as an up yours, but only a “oops, sorry!” or “incoming”.



I am talking about using public washing machines and leaving your washing on the line for two days without anything being stolen, or leaving your helmet or belongings on your bike wherever you are because there is no fear.

Its greeting the people you walk past without feeling awkward. Seeing children playing in the streets with the most gorgeous smiles on their faces – happy as they could possibly be.



Everyone is helping everyone, it’s not about who you know or what they have done for you – but merely helping as many people as you possibly can and expecting nothing in return.

In the Westernized places of the world – we are drilled on a daily. Told constantly about all that is bad for us, why we should not eat this and that or drive there. We should not wear that, or walk like that. Or if you do that it will make you sick.

Free is an understatement here in South East Asia – obviously not everywhere but I am talking out of experience from the places I have been to. Your everyday uniform consists of flowy dresses and slops – you work in the mornings and late afternoon or evening because for 3 hours everyday you have a break/nap time. Life is not rushed, or stressed and things are really simple.



The reason for this pointless information is just me, trying to share my experience. I don’t think the world understands how much us human’s have complicated life – by trying to make everything easier. At the end of the day, where we started – is all we really needed. And it is sad to say, but I have seen happier and wealthier people that have the bare minimum in life, than those who are earning millions and driving fancy sport cars.


The simple life is a pretty phenomenal thing to try, and I would recommend this to absolutely everyone! I guess what I am trying to say is, do not let society control you. Do not let the “rules” make you put your dreams or passion’s aside because the world says you need to do and be something at a specific time of your life.

This is your life, and you only have one chance to live it. So if you are not happy where you are, stop waiting – just get up, take the leap of faith and do what makes your heart happy. It sounds so cliche, but honestly – stop wasting days being annoyed and stressed and unhappy, everything you want in life is at your hands! Stop focusing on what you have and materialistic things because there is a whole world out there!

Lose the fear, jump and watch how the world in front of you changes.

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Published by Bianca Bonarius