Just some 15km from Udani Thani town centre lies this quaint 100 year old temple. It houses different images of Buddha of which most are covered in both old and new Thai coins which when the sun catches them they do sparkle and glisten and it is a lovely sight as the temple is nestled among the trees...I loved the old world charm of it. The walls and ceiling of the church are covered with over 8,400 images of Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang (Amulets) it is beautiful. Underneath the church is buried a Spirit Ball and Holy Water seeps from the ground. The temple is open on important holy days so that people can collect this water which is said to bring good luck.

Apart from the couple of monks and the children playing we were the only other people there when we visited although the temple was hard to find.

It is behind Baan Nakha( Ikat Market) on Mittaphap Road. The access road is a very tiny soi and the road takes you through the village and it is only then that the temple is signposted. But ask any local and they will point you in the right direction.

The market is worth a visit if you like traditional silk Thai clothes..locally it is known as the Silk Village.

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Published by Carol Taylor