Today I break the fast! HOORAY!


I had a rejuvenating night of sleep. I went to bed around 10pm, slept until 8am, and meditated until 9am. Said my morning prayers and hopped out of bed for the day.


I tended to the dogs, and headed out in search of organic cucumbers. All signs and intuition were pointing me in the direction of breaking the fast today, so I obliged. I took it as a major sign that I should refeed, when I effortlessly found a huge stash of organic cucumbers at the first store I stopped in.


Back at home, I spiralized one small-medium cucumber, and sprinkled chlorella on it. I tried it first without the chlorella, and it was pretty mediocre…even in my hypersensitive fasted state, but with the chlorella, the noodles turned into a magical taste of under-the-sea salty goodness.


I sat outside in the sunshine, prayed over my noodles, and enjoyed. They seemed to go down well, and I ate extremely mindfully, chewing at least 50 times before swallowing, which is a new habit I would like to engrain. I stopped before my bowl was empty, knowing that my tummy would have a lot of work to do. I am praying that it will be able to secrete the necessary enzymes and handle the cucumber, so it may pass through the rest of my system.


All in all, I feel really good, and deeply feel that this is the start of super clean eating and total food sobriety.


Physically, I have a slight headache perhaps due to dehydration. I also noticed that my hair feels dryer…


For about an hour, I baked in the sunshine. I took the dogs to the yard nearby, and we enjoyed the fresh air. It was so hot my phone stopped working. I did Sri Mati’s Holding More Light healing technique, while literally basking in the sunlight! How appropriate.


Now, I am just chilling listening to the Food Revolution Summit. I feel like once I have the energy, I will vacuum. So much dog hair!


While vacuuming, I received the intuition to connect with Doug Graham who had reached out to me a couple weeks back. I felt inspired to offer my services to him at his retreats and events. It's always good to plant seeds of connection!


Just after 1pm, I prepared my lunch. I accidentally dumped too much spiralina over a spiralized cucumber. I ended up grossing myself out. I squeezed lemon on it, and it was better. I ate about half a cucumber’s worth and gave up.


A little later, I tried one of my kombuchas, and it was by far the most amazing flavor sensation I had experienced all day!


I think I may end up picking up a watermelon to eat tomorrow, even though I won’t be able to find organic. Although organic, these cucumbers imported from Mexico aren’t that good, and I want to enjoy my food. My body is wanting some fruit!


It is SO nice not to feel like the walking dead! I. Have. ENERGY!


I made a trip to my dad’s, and we chilled for about a half hour. I brought him four bottles of kombucha in exchange for four bottles of Daily Green Boost barley grass juice powder! I have been craving the stuff, and knew he wasn’t using his stash. I think I sent most of them to him after his skiing accident to assist in the remineralization of his bones. He didn’t take it obviously, but now I get to use it! Boy, does it taste good on cucumber noodles and as a dip for lettuce. It totally quenches my salty cravings, not to mention is a super boost of micronutrition.


We had a really pleasant interaction, and discussed kombucha at his upcoming wedding. I found a kombucha company in Texas that will deliver kegs whenever and wherever he wants, and I offered to facilitate that connection and contribute to the wedding in that way. I doubt it will manifest, as he’s got a lot up in the air with having a rushed, git-er-done wedding. Didn't seem that important to him. No worries! Let Go and Let God!! Boy, does serenity and detachment with love feel GOOD.


Thanks to recovery, I was not triggered at all being in his house. Still felt serene. Still felt like an adult. Still felt detached. We discussed the new PlantPure pod, and he seems interested. I think he will also be sending me referrals for health coaching, which means I need to give him my business cards ASAP. Man, he and other lifestyle-enlightened doctors would make excellent sources for referrals! I can provide the guidance and counseling that the doctors don’t have the time or reimbursement to do. I can help patients implement the changes the doctors suggest.


I went to Walmart afterwards and scored a watermelon. I need some fruit in my life.


Restorative yoga was intimate and amazing. Breathing deeply and moving through the sequence was just what I needed. I think it will assist with my digestion too, as we did many twists. I breathed in thank and exhaled you. I am brimming with gratitude today!


I came home and prepared my watermelon: one-quarter of a fair-sized melon. I went out my front door to sit in the sunshine, and enjoy my melon, and Tempe darted out, and ATTACKED my neighbor’s dog. It was terrible. I bent down to put my watermelon bowl on the ground to get Tempe, and of course, Ranger darted out too. He didn’t really attack.


I grabbed Tempe, and had to pry her jaws open from the poor little dog’s leg. It was AWFUL. I picked both of them up by the scruffs of their necks, and back inside they went. My neighbor was kind and understanding. Dogs will be dogs.


Outside, I detuned and talked to a neighbor. I was in absolute shock and totally horrified. I hate that that is where Tempe is at. I was absolutely repulsed by her behavior, and wanted to just get rid of her. I know it’s my fault for not socializing them more. They never have problems when they board and hang out with other dogs off leashes in a yard! The neighbor’s dog was leashed, so maybe that had something to do with it. My heart raced, and my blood pressure and pulse were up. I slowly calmed down, and breathed. When I felt adequately relaxed, I sat down and blessed my food.


I enjoyed the watermelon, bite by bite, eating slowly and chewing a lot. I listened to the sounds of nature, birds singing, and watched them fly overhead.


I realized Tempe has been aggressive toward Ranger as well. She has a lot of energy, and I have been unable to walk her enough. In that moment, I committed to take her on one long walk every evening. She clearly needs it, and it will be good bonding time for us. It’ll be a great thing to do after dinner or after meetings.


After I had my watermelon, I took Tempe on one such walk. She was very good on the leash, and didn’t pull. We walked through a beautiful neighborhood, and I listened to the Sri Mati podcast.


I have so much more energy, and think I will begin taking more active yoga classes tomorrow! I am so excited to have the energy to move and do the things I love to do!


I ate the leftover cucumber noodles from lunch, and plan to do an enema in a moment. I took a women’s digestive enzyme capsule to assist with digestion, and will take two capsules of Intestinal Movement Formula tonight.


I heard back from Doug, who responded very positively. Let's just say that collaboration is likely to manifest!


I am so full of energy and excitement!


In retrospect, I did get a little sucked in after seeing my dad this afternoon. I wanted to go and visit my soon-to-be little cousin who had her appendix taken out yesterday. After yoga, I decided it was too much too soon. One event per day, well-spaced out. That is what I can handle presently. I plan to be present, but also watch the event like a movie with all these colorful, crazy characters in it. 


Around 8pm, I had a burst of energy. I shifted everything that was wintery out of my closet and into the other bedroom, and brought all my spring and summer apparel into the closet in my bedroom. I still have my bathing suits in a bag in the closet. So many bathing suits! I'll have to count them just for fun! I also have a box of clothes from Hawaii I need to go through. And more clothes on the way from my mom!


I chatted with my aunt as well. I am so grateful she's in my life, and I told her so. We resonate so closely. She is so wise and has risen out of deep pain. She's been so helpful through all this supporting me. LOVE her!


So. Much. Gratitude! And Energy! May you be blessed with gratitude, energy, and abundance in all aspects of your life!


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