The external energy parallels my own internal energy reserves. I did not want to get out of bed. It was so cozy, warm and comfortable. After my morning prayers in child’s pose, I managed to crawl out around 6:30 to meditate for a sumptuous 45 minutes. I didn’t want to move from meditation either.


It’s safe to say that fatigue and weakness have set in. The weather is still grey and gloomy, and it is supposed to rain more today. 


Last night I fell asleep easily, but woke up in the middle of the night, and had trouble getting back to sleep. My legs were restless, and I began to toss and turn. This was very common for me during my last fast, and insomnia is a frequently reported experience during any type of fast, as the body reverts into healing/restorative mode rather than working/digestion mode. I assumed child’s pose and prayed to God. The next sleeping position I took was comfortable, and I dozed off in no time. Thanks, God!


The more I sit and reflect, the more I recognize that Monroe, LA (my hometown) may be the place for me to launch my health coaching and get the ball rolling in my own small business. It’s a safe place to do it. I trust that a position will open up the local health food store in God’s time, allowing me to transition out of my current job. The cost of living is relatively low here, and as I’ve said in previous posts, I am loving my recovery fellowship too much at this point to leave. The program is working me, and I need to step back and allow that to happen.


Physical symptoms: TIRED, fatigued, lethargic, slow moving. I experienced the black-out effect when standing, but it quickly passed, and I didn’t faint. I’m having some pain in my upper back. I have one little, tiny pimple. The skin on the rest of my body is so silky and soft!


Today’s weight: 117.6 pounds. Down 11 pounds from Day 2.


I was just cruising the internet after blogging, when an angry IT guy stormed into my office, checked both of the closets that happen to be in my office, and left without saying a word. So weird, and frankly invasive! Very much a big brother vibe. They’re watching me. AGH!


Another IT guy blasted in my office without even knocking. Wordless. I asked him what was up, and he said the power is out, and people are having to use extension cords. Weird. Glad my power is ok.


I connected with some coworkers while going to the bathroom and getting water. It felt good to commiserate and receive validation that everyone else is low energy, having trouble staying motivated, and wishing it were Friday. I know the next right job opportunity will present itself in divine timing. I will be PATIENT!


Alleluia! I made it through my first Medicaid interview of the day. Phew! It wasn’t even that bad. I blacked out when standing up to greet the woman. Awkward, but I managed.


Later, I had the pleasure of relaxing and watching the Cancer documentary, while enjoying a Perrier sparkling water. Yum! However, my tummy kind of felt like it might need to evacuate.


Fasting AHA moment: I think life is about learning to become an experience sharer. Sharing your own experience with others. Sharing experiences with others. Co-Creation.


My new after-work ritual ensued: I came home, walked the dogs, and did an enema. More swamp water. I laid in bed for 20-30 minutes and restored. Watching all my thoughts. About the past, about the future. Imagining what tomorrow may be like and what my trip to Colorado may be like. Imagining the results of the fast: how I’ll look and feel.


I had a major realization that I do NOT have to act upon any of these thoughts. WHAT FREEDOM! Thoughts are just thoughts. They do not have to be converted into external action. Our intuition and spiritual guidance systems will let us know what needs to be done and when.


Later in the evening, I enjoyed yoga spa. The class involved a little bit of a work out and three restorative poses. Mermaid twists on each side and butterfly. I love the instructor, and it was great to connect with her and my neighbor. I am so grateful for my yoga studio and feeling more connected and loved there each time I go! I got a nice dose of heart connection and a hearty helping of relaxation. The instructor used aromatherapy on us, and the eucalyptus oil was transcendental. I am very relaxed and ready for bed!


I am grateful for the countless blessings in my life. The fact that I have this moment in existence is a gift. I plan to use it wisely and preciously. Sending you love on your journey!


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