The sun is out, the sky is blue, and I trust that it will be a good day! Another night of glorious sleep. I am so grateful for all the rest yesterday evening and last night. I definitely needed it. I feel a lot better this morning. 


My stomach feels kind of queasy, so I will make a concerted effort to drink a lot of water! Gurgle gurgle little tummy.


I enjoyed a wonderful yin practice today. It was awesome to see my friends, such caring sweeties. The practice was calming, restorative, and deep. The teacher and studio owner always makes her classes creative with interesting new poses.


I did have wondering thoughts of food, which sometimes I would follow, and other times, I would just let them go and return my focus to the breath and the sensations in my body.


I walked the dogs, and they were happy to see me. It is an absolutely gorgeous day, and I wish I could be out in it laying in the sunshine! But, I must admit a great deal of gratitude for my job right now. Pretty much effortless.


Mid-day, my tummy was queasy. I drank a small amount of the Bragg’s ACV drink, and it unsettled my stomach. My body only seems to want water.


This fast is all about getting on my body’s side. I resolve to no longer battle my body. My biology is always doing the best that it can for me! What a gift to live inside such an intelligent vessel!


I watched some of Chef AJ’s videos for inspiration and direction as to the refeeding process, because believe it or not, that will be happening soon. I really enjoyed her presence at HealthFest, and think she is on to something in terms of weight loss and ideal weight maintenance.


When I break my fast, I plan to follow some of Chef AJ’s suggestions to maintain my weight loss:

  • Eat whole foods in their whole form. Although I love banana nice cream and smoothies, I am going to stay away from these for now. I find that I can easily pack in way too many calories when I process my foods in this manner.
  • Stay away from overt fats. As Dr. McDougall says, “The fat you eat is the fat you wear.” This is so true for me. My digestion screeches to a halt when I eat fat daily. For the first month post-fast, I plan to do no overts, and then may begin to incorporate them once or twice a week thereafter. I am a slow metabolizer, and find that I am my healthiest and leanest when I limit fats. Of course, this is not true for everyone!
  • Eat some veggies at breakfast. Chef AJ recommends cooked veggies, but something like lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, okra, or celery should do the trick for a raw vegan version. Alternately, I can include a micronutrient blast in the form of a large green veggie juice!
  • Low to no salt to avoid water retention. Of course, when eating out, this is unavoidable, but I plan to avoid salt most of the time. I plan to incorporate fermented veggies made without salt, and I will be sure to use no-salt condiments, or better yet, make my own!


Weirdly, some random people from my past have been contacting me today. Kind of odd, but I’m going with it.  


I experienced a flash of intuition to apply to be a volunteer at Woodstock Fruit festival again. Last year, I volunteered in the kitchen, and had a total blast. I would love to do this again, and will email the coordinators to let them know I am in!


After work, I went for a massage at a place I have never been to with a therapist I have never met. All in all, the experience was healing. I instructed the therapist to go deeper, and my needs were met. I will definitely be going back to her. She has a lovely gentle energy and is very healing and kind. I could feel that her heart is pure and filled with good intentions. I felt super relaxed and blissed out afterwards, and enjoyed a pint of spring water.


Back at home, the dogs greeted me with lots of energy. I love them, but we are definitely not matching energies right now. All in due time. 


I changed my outfit a bit and applied very light make-up for the block party downtown. I headed over early to check it out. I knew if I were to wait I would talk myself out of going. I easily found a parking spot and entered a large warehouse.


First thoughts: wtf?! Is this for real?


There was some art, and a guy with a guitar playing his heart out, God bless him. Steadily, the space filled up with people eagerly awaiting their wristbands to indulge in some adult beverages.


I visited all the vendors, sniffing candles and examining hot sauce. Unfortunately, the sauce has salt and sugar added, so I opted out. I talked to a coffee guy who will make me decaf if I like. May try it sometime. I also connected with a girl selling gluten-free baked goods and asked her if any of her products were also vegan. She's just getting started and plans to make all sorts of things specific to various diets. Pretty cool. At this time, she will fill orders of vegan gluten-free baked goods, which is pretty awesome.


Half of the room was dedicated to alcohol vendors, and I cruised by casually. In the middle of the room, there were some couches filled with men smoking cigars. The smell wafted throughout the place, nauseating me and stinking up my hair!


I went out back for some air, and there were a handful of food trucks with lines of people waiting to order fat burgers (I kid you not), nachos, fried seafood, and other heavy southern foods.


I made my way close to the river and took some pictures. Ahhhh. Back inside, the cigar stench had intensified, and I knew I had to get out of there. I ran into a couple friends, but the resonance simply was not there for me to stay any longer. I felt like a little pure fasted light being with no business being in a toxic environment. Had the event been outside, I think I would have hung out longer and seen what the night held, but I simply couldn't.


I came home and did a much-needed enema. I took a lovely shower and cleansed myself and my space with vetiver. I am feeling much, much better and am truly excited to lay down and rest until sleep falls.


I’m so happy it's Friday, and I get to sleep in and wake up whenever I choose!


I am so grateful to have made it through another day of fasting. Thank you God for giving me the strength and persistence to make it this far! It is truly remarkable! I am grateful for the earth and all her bounty. She gives us so much more than we can even begin to comprehend. The spaceship through the universe we take for granted. I am so grateful to be riding along in her! I am grateful for the pups and all beings everywhere. Thank you for the breath of life and the beating of my heart. I know that without you I am nothing.


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