I am high on excitement and adrenaline, so much so that I had trouble getting to sleep last night!


I was so buzzing over the thought of my Australia bestie visiting me in Louisiana, taking a road trip together up to Woodstock, and volunteering in the kitchen. My mind fixated on imagining how joyful that whole experience would be like.


I am filled with excited anticipation about the way my life is filling up here! There’s an abundance of positivity on the horizon. I’m thrilled to be slowly reintegrating with my family, more deeply immersing myself in recovery, and starting to exercise after I conclude my fast. Of course, all the workshops and events at local health food store will be tremendous too as well as test-driving some different levels of health coaching. I’m stoked for the athletic club pool to open and to connect with more locals I haven’t been seeing very much of lately.


After what seemed like an eternity of my mind spinning out of control, I finally got to sleep, but the quality was light, restless, and unstable. I woke up throughout the night and had trouble returning to sleep.


I let myself stay in bed until 7am, meditating on my back. I got ready and dressed, and then headed downstairs to tend to the dogs. We went for a walk and enjoyed the absolutely stunningly gorgeous morning light. The trees sang out in vermilion green, the sky was perfectly blue, and the moon hung above us. Brilliant! The days of summer are a-coming!


At work, I started with my manifestation visualization to consolidate all that had kept me awake last night. I am thrilled about the life that is underway here for me. Who would have thought!?


Physically, I feel energetic and good. Clear-headed. Centered. I didn’t bother weighing myself. All my size 0s are fitting loosely. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow or sometime soon. Some pain in my left knee. Headache around 2:25, probably from staring at screens.


I had an extremely productive morning. I got all my emails knocked out, all my work done, and summoned the energy to politely and helpfully engage with many people. I’m all caught up with blogs. I am a BEAST! Living and thriving on prana, baby!


I feel good! A coworker even commented on how cute I look and how she loves all my colorful pants! Heck yeah, me too! I couldn’t have worn them a month ago. It feels good to love fashion again and feel confident in my clothes and in my own skin. Praise the Lord!


Midday, I went home to walk the dogs, and they were actually really chill…for them. We went for a walk, and they were much appreciative.


Diving into my heath coaching module, I listened to Neal Barnard on veganism, but I already heard both of his lectures. I guess I am too familiar with his work! Back in graduate school, I helped facilitate and teach his Food for Life classes to the rural Indiana community. They are absolutely life-changing!


The next lecturer was Dr. Joel Furhman, whose work I read extensively on my juice cleanse in 2013. I basically followed his nutritional and supplement protocol for the next six months or so before easing myself into low fat high carb raw vegan. His lectures are good, but very scientific and mentalistic. He’s not as engaging of a speaker as Dr. Barnard, but provides compelling information as to why we all should be eating lots and lots of green veggies! Totally agree!


At home, I did an enema as usual, and even more toxic debris came out. I think using the HealthForce Intestinal Drawing formula last night helped.


Afterwards, I rested in bed and listened to Susan Pierce Thompson’s live webinar on Advanced Weight Loss Mastery. She is a neuroscientist and recovering food addict who has developed a program called Bright Line Eating for compulsive overeaters and emotional eaters seeking to achieve and maintain their ideal weights and remain happy, thin, and free.


After listening to Susan for about a half hour, I summoned myself out of full body relaxation to go to my first OA meeting ever. Located just minutes from my place, the meeting was small with only four of us. I immediately connected with the chairwoman whose grandmotherly energy was kind and gentle. It felt so good to come out of hiding and share my addiction with others who truly understand. I now have a whole arsenal of kind souls whom I can call if my mind is overridden by cravings, and I am about to buy and eat binge foods. I truly feel ready to let go of this addiction and move on. I feel incredibly hopeful and so grateful to have connected with the group. I'll definitely be coming back!


Afterwards, I went straight to yin and enjoyed a practice entirely supported by the wall. It was deep and extremely restorative.


Before bed, I felt very nourished and relaxed. I immersed myself in all the OA literature I was given at the meeting, and practiced yoga nidra before drifting off to sleep.


I am so grateful for food and emotional sobriety today. Grateful for my incredible body that has been through so much and still holds space for me, trying its best to find balance. Grateful to be alive and in this human form. Namaste.


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