The deep melancholic sounds of thunder beckoned me into consciousness from a dazzling night of dream-filled sleep.


I dreamt of hanging out with one of my favorite health coaches in the mountains. I also dreamt of being with my mom in the backyard of the house I grew up in. We were eating spaghetti and meatballs, and she made me sausages and fried green tomatoes. Clearly, my subconscious is craving comfort foods and is not fully raw vegan!


At the office, I visualized my future manifestation as a full-time health coach and writer hosting many workshops, classes, PlantPure pod meetings, engaging in recovery, practicing yoga, going to farmers markets, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and all around living the rich full life of my dreams. I have complete faith and trust in God to assist me in manifesting divine will for my life.


Today is rather sleepy, and I want to curl up in bed and do nothing!


As I mentioned in my last post, I have been having some thoughts about breaking my fast after 28 days. My accountability partner whom I met through my health coaching training is encouraging me to complete the 30 days, as it’s only 2 more days! Thankfully, I don’t have to decide today. As we say in Al-anon, one day at a time!


In the afternoon, I experienced a massive release from my enema. I am so glad I am doing those daily. I do not believe I would be functioning without them!


I reached out to my mom again to make sure she received my email from earlier this week requesting her to send an assortment of spring/summer clothes that are in her house in Arizona. She did receive it, and has been packing all my things! I wrote her back telling her a bit about my life. If felt right. I feel good about opening up a little via email. I’m obviously not in a place to call her, but email was a big step for me, as we hadn’t spoken in months. I’m excited to receive what she sends me too!


I’m so excited! My PlantPure pod in Monroe is out there! I invited 15-20 people to join. Woohoo! It would be so cool to host a film screening and vegan panel for the first meeting!


After work, I met a friend for tea. She is a yoga instructor and is currently taking a holistic psychology course. We have so much in common! I found out she’s moving out of her home in the Garden District (the area in town where I would like to live) soon, and I may be able to move in seamlessly! The rent is very affordable, and I will be able to tour the home soon. She and her husband have lived there 5 years with their large dog. Sounds like the universe is intervening for me, and I will have a new home come July!  


I also learned that my dear yogi friend moved back to town! I am so stoked about to connect with her! She teaches at another yoga studio in town, which I am going to try soon.


I am inspired to take the super early classes in the morning, so that I can get my workout in first thing, am able to eat dinner at a reasonable hour, and attend my 12-step meetings after work. I have a couple friends willing to do the 5:30am classes with me. It would be great to have that accountability and start my day actively with exercise already completed! It's the best time to work out in terms of metabolism too.


After tea, my neighbor and I went to yoga spa. It was a gentle active practice followed by a restorative sequence. I feel very relaxed. I had a lot of food thoughts, as I’m gearing up for the refeeding process and excited to eat again. 


I feel so good about today. Another local vegan is going to help me with the PlantPure pod, and we are going to get together soon. I feel like all these friends and wonderful connections are manifesting all around me. I am clearly in alignment!


I feel so hopeful and positive. Physically weak and hungry. But I am almost there!


I’m grateful for the rich life and connections being presented before me and pouring in all the time. I feel overwhelmed by blessings right now. I am grateful to you for reading!



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Published by Taylor Norris