This morning I felt terrible. I slept in until 7am. Every time I woke up at night to use the bathroom, I really had to take it slow. I was dizzy, out of sorts, and groggy. I prayed a lot this morning for strength and courage to continue fasting and to do God’s will for the day.


I had dreams involving my landlord. I went to see a movie with him and some others. Afterwards, we went back to my place, and I talked to him about health and offered to him my coaching services, as he has high blood pressure and cholesterol. Gotta love the health coaching dreams. My subconscious is eager for clients!


After waking up a bit, getting dressed and ready, drinking about a quart of water, and walking my pups in the sunshine, I feel a good bit better. Still weak and tired. I think I should plan for bed rest and chilling out this weekend.


Morning weigh-in: 109.0 pounds, down 1.4 pounds, 19.6 pounds overall.


This morning at work I went to a meeting with a woman from HR, and had a lot of fun. I like public speaking even if it’s about boring Medicaid stuff. Still get a little high! We spoke to a company whose employees work with the disabled. They are all minimum wage workers and cannot pay for the health coverage provided by their employer. And, the employer can’t afford to really cover them. Hopefully, the Louisiana Medicaid expansion will be really helpful to them. 


I ran some errands, and dropped off my rent check, walked the pups, and did an enema. I am getting better at holding in the enema. This time I let it enter more slowly and that helped tremendously. 


I dropped by the local health food store and ordered a box of organic cucumbers and watermelon that will arrive in perfect time to break my fast! I


Throughout the work day, I felt tired and wanted to lay down, but I made it!


After work, I laid in bed and listened to Susan Pierce Thompson’s webinar about love. Connection is clearly a powerful force at the level of the brain, and fMRI studies show that connecting individuals' brains actually sync up in terms of blood flow! Of course, this is obvious intuitively, but it's nice when science corroborates what ancient wisdom knows to be true. 


Laying down felt so good. I didn't want to budge when my alarm went off at 5pm. Time to walk and feed the dogs and head to Al-Anon.


At the meeting, we discussed anger. I shared about my experience moving through my anger, as I progressed through the stages of grief in returning to Monroe. I had to let go of the idea of who I wanted my father to be and how I wanted our relationship to look and feel. The anger emerged subconsciously through my dreams of yelling and screaming at him, his fiancé, and her family. The dreams were sometimes very violent and aggressive. It was disconcerting to experience my own rage, and I found the humming meditation quite helpful to clear my anger, frustration, and disappointment. 


After the meeting, I met with my ACA sponsor and basically filled her in on my life story. She is a wonderfully present individual with whom I have much in common. She lives a fearless artistic life outside the mainstream job paradigm. Funny how I am attracting many people like that into my life! I think it's positive for me to surround myself with such people to help inspire, encourage, and guide me, as I transition to that way of life. As far as my family matters and story are concerned, she totally gets it and accepts me where I'm at. I trust that she will challenge me to grow in new and exciting ways!


I am so ready for bed! Exhausted! I can't wait to be a couch bum this weekend. I trust it'll be exactly what I need. Time to unplug, read OA literature, and practice a few simple asanas, pranayama, and yoga nidra. 


May all beings be happy, healthy, whole, safe, free from suffering, and at peace. Namaste!


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