Hangin’ on for dear life at this point!


Thankfully, I had a night of deep sleep. I woke up a bit, but had no trouble drifting back off. I didn’t want to budge when my 7am alarm rang, but I prayed for a while, and hopped out of bed to get ready for the day and complete my morning visualization.


Physically, my stomach was quite queasy and nauseous. I am about to mix up some Healthforce powder in water, although I likely will not do an enema until after work, so I may wait until the afternoon to drink my detoxification concoction.


The more I think about it, the more I want to break the fast Sunday, after 28 full days of fasting. I will continue to see how I feel.


Yin was wonderful, and I got to see my friends! A different instructor led us through a beautiful sequence of poses. My body parts became tingly pins and needles in nearly every pose, which was a bit disconcerting, and I was freezing! I used a blanket to stay as warm as possible. My body temperature is running very low, and I noticed that my breathing is shallow and effortful.


I took the dogs for a walk, and received 3 large boxes full of pictures from my parents' Colorado house. The girl who was hired to send my dad and I our remaining belongings packed the boxes overly full and heavy, and she poorly reinforced them with tape. They looked horrible when they arrived, and I’m sure there are broken pictures inside. I am so glad I found them when I did, because it started to rain within minutes of me moving them inside. It took all the energy I could muster to lift the boxes in over the doorstep and push them to an empty room.


I grabbed a large herbal tea and headed to a behavioral health meeting. On the way, I noticed that the farmers market in West Monroe had one vendor present! I stopped by after the meeting, and he was already gone, but should be selling tomorrow morning. He has fruits and vegetables, not organic apparently. Most Louisiana farmers are convinced they need chemicals to protect their crops from bugs. Old school. I think I’ll probably check it out tomorrow anyway.


I really want to break the fast! I am feeling hungry and want to eat cucumber noodles! I was around food at the meeting, and it was challenging. I will probably break my fast tomorrow or the next day. I feel ready.


Talking to my friend who is an experienced faster has given me perspective. At this point, my desire to break my fast is purely psychological. It’s not physiological. It’s not true hunger. It’s mental.


I’ve been exerting myself so much this week. Last fast, I was practically bedridden from day 21-28. This time I’ve been a powerhouse from sun up to sun down. This weekend will finally give me a chance to rest and restore.


I had an incredible evening in with my friend. We caught up and then watched the documentary Awake about Yogananda. I highly recommend the film, which can be purchased on iTunes and is available on instant Netflix.


We are all light and shadow. We limit ourselves through our state of consciousness and the subject-object differentiation illusion. God flows through the spine and its energy centers, which remain largely inactive in most people. I am excited to learn more about kriya yoga and to study in India! I’ll put that on my manifestation to-do list!


I feel absolutely exhausted. I’m experiencing lots of thoughts about rich foods and cucumber noodles. I think my body is depleted and tired, and my mental cravings and desire to break the fast are rooted in my exhaustion. I have a slight headache too.


I am SO excited to sleep in, mosey over to the farmers market, and be a bum tomorrow!


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