Woke up feeling pretty good. I wrote in my IIN journal. Happy to have received it! I was wondering if I would get a physical journal, and I did!


I enjoyed my meditation time this morning and skipped my ordinary hot water in the morning. This allowed me to spend even more time in meditation.


Today I did an enema. My first one in almost three years! For some reason, they intimidate me, but I have read they are quite helpful during fasts. I want to do them every day to prevent nausea, as the hardened fecal matter loosens up and wants to come out. I definitely want to help it out and not keep it in. When it’s trapped, the body reabsorbs the toxins, resulting in uncomfortable symptoms and compromising the health benefits associated with fasting.


Physical symptoms: There’s some pain in my head from crying a lot yesterday. But, overall I feel good. Light, floaty, and slightly weak. I could have totally stayed in bed, but I’m at the office now.


Unfortunately, some negativity is swirling around my mind. I am having some negative self-talk with regard to my body image, feeling fat and large. Obviously, my body is slimming down, and my stomach is flatter than it’s been in a long time. But, I do still feel kind of colossal and uncomfortable in my clothes. I’ve been wearing the same 2-3 pairs of pants to work everyday and now with the season changing, I would like to be wearing my cute, colorful pants that are a bit smaller. I will be patient and TRUST in the process of the fast, as I let go of unhealthy weight and release my emotional and spiritual baggage. I trust that the weight will come off. It already is!


Today’s weigh-in: 126.4 pounds. Down 2.2 pounds already from Day 2. No telling what my weight was Day 1…probably somewhere around 130.


The fasting feels effortless at this point, and I am grateful for that. That calm familiar feeling of serenity and presence that characterizes water fasting has largely become my new normal state. While driving around yesterday, I saw more clearly, appreciating nature and recognizing the beauty around me, despite all the emotional turmoil of last night’s bad news. One can be peaceful and serene internally amidst any external circumstances.


While at work, I enjoy looking out the window when I need to take a break. I am blessed to have an office with floor to ceiling windows. Right now, there’s a train stopped on the tracks. It seems to happen everyday. How is that ok?! How is that allowed? It makes no sense, and totally disrupts the traffic flow. CRAZY! I feel bad for all the people in a hurry who have to go to great lengths to get around the roads blocked by the stopped train.


Prayer infuses my experience today. God, please help me complete this water fast successfully and safely. Guide me on my journey of spiritual and emotional healing. RELEASE ME OF FOOD ADDICTION! Help me learn and cultivate the tools and skills I need for emotional and food sobriety. Please help me, God. I surrender to your loving kindness and will. I am here. I am thinking and feeling all that I must experience. I surrender to my current life situation, which is unpleasant and not the most comfortable. I am grateful to have your support and direction. Please continue to show me the way so I can live my soul purpose and be all that you designed me to be.


Today I got to leave the office and deliver a bunch of flyers to all the clinics that the healthcare corporation owns. There were some super low vibe offices. Some were alright. The walk-in clinic was so nice. It’s strange how much money this corporation has to build these spectacular facilities. Clearly, there are a lot of sick people in this town who need a passionate health coach! It is also stunning how many doctor’s offices there are here! Seriously, everywhere I drove I noticed office after office after office of various medical professionals. We are a very, very sick society.


I am excited to say that I set up my local PlantPure Pod with Katya, one of the regional managers in the south. This is a really amazing international community-building network that was created by T. Colin Campbell and his son with the newly released film, PlantPure Nation. PlantPure provides its pods with an online networking site, marketing, and information to guide the pod’s in-person meetings.


Ok, ok, ok…I just couldn’t help myself. Today I applied for 6 jobs at Whole Foods in places I would like to live. I will see if anything sticks. I trust that if it’s meant to be, it will be. If not, ok! I release this to the universe and divine creator to decide for me.


Human-connection-wise, I enjoyed walking my little hiker pup Tempe with my neighbor. She is an absolute a sweetheart, very easygoing, and likeable! I feel awesome about making a new friend! Ah, what a relief. It lifted my spirits being around a nice person and socializing outside in the evening. Oh, the power of human connection compounded by the endorphins released during exercise and being in nature!


This fast is encouraging me to put together a very fulfilling life outside my very unfulfilling job. Quite amazing.


When I got home from my walk, I had an email from 365 by Whole Foods in Los Angeles about the next stage in the interview process. I completed a personality questionnaire. How cool is that?! My LA life and career at Whole Foods may manifest after all! If it's meant to be it will be. I’m stoked nonetheless.


I feel content and peaceful and serene! What a good evening! I feel so good right now. Hopeful and full of love.


I went to yoga spa and had a relaxing experience. The music was too loud and too energetic most of the time, and the instructor led us through exercise essentially in the first part of class, which I didn't like. My local studio is wonderful, but it’s a bit more on the fitness side of yoga than the actual spiritual side. That’s ok! The latter part of the class was more restorative, and I became quite relaxed. The experience was a practice in detaching from negative thoughts and judgments.


Tonight I will read recovery literature until I want to go to sleep. It's cool how I have automatically gravitated away from television and modes of distraction. I feel so much more fulfilled and nourished by not eating, going for walks, socializing more, attending recovery meetings, and practicing yoga at the studio, than I did coming home and gorging on food while watching TV to drown out the meaninglessness and lack of fulfillment in my present situation. Amazing!


I am so grateful to be having this fasting experience that my whole being was calling in. It is truly effortless and easy this time. Perhaps because I have done it before and know what to expect. I don't know. God, please help me continue to safely and successfully navigate this fast and to liberate myself from food addiction by learning how to truly nourish myself and be vulnerable. Life is getting better. Thank you for all the many blessings in my life. Thank you for loving, protecting, supporting, and guiding me along my journey. May I do thy will and be all that you designed me to be!


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Published by Taylor Norris