Day 6, and I already feel so much better! I feel light. I look completely different in my clothes, just down 6.8 pounds. Morning weigh-in: 121.8!


Holistically, I feel a lot more like myself. More confident. Light, airy, and centered. Sufficient energy. No terrible detox symptoms.


Last night was so nourishing. I really am learning the keys to a happy life right now. I am also learning that the things I most regret cluster around food and stuffing myself. I stand by all my actions the past few days. I can’t always say that, because I can’t trust myself around food. I need boundaries, structure, direction, and a program of recovery with food. I need food sobriety. It just is!


I feel so juicy, good, and relaxed! I went to yin during my lunch break. It was a beautiful, relaxing practice designed to open the gallbladder and liver meridians. Totally helpful in my current state of detoxification. Best of all, several of my friends were there, and heart connection abounded!


Unfortunately, there is some stressful energy in my work right now. I went to a meeting this morning, and everyone is freaking out about all the referrals that will be pouring into Behavioral Health and Social Services.


I am in total acceptance. I will get lots of referrals and just schedule them as best I can. I know I’ll make the best of whatever happens. Even if I have no sweet downtime at work, I will make plenty of room for blogging, giving workshops, doing my health coaching training, and self-study during the evenings and on weekends. Without food ruling my life, I have a lot more time to do the things I love.


I have been blogging out the wazoo! The creativity channels are definitely open and free-flowing. It feels good to express myself and share my fasting experience. I know I enjoy reading, watching, and hearing about others’ experiences when I prepare to fast and am fasting. I hope my experiences will be of some value to others.


Work was really chill today until it wasn't! The stressful energy is already leaking in. Oh my! Around 3:30pm on a Friday, I was informed that I needed to assist a woman moving from Texas who needs her Texas Medicaid to transfer to Louisiana. Apparently, she needs to apply for Medicaid, so she can get my company’s insurance. Makes no sense to me.


Of course, the guy who explained the situation to me thought it would take a week to hear back from Medicaid. HA! I explained to him that it takes forever, anywhere from 30-45 days to A YEAR! The sweet, slow, steady pace of American government...


I assisted two women and a little tiny adorable baby with an online application for Medicaid to the best of my ability, trying to develop rapport. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have a real knack for building rapport. It comes easy and natural to me. To say it was an uphill battle with these women, would be an understatement. One of the women was on her phone most of the time, and had a fraction of the information I needed. The other was virtually silent. No smiles. No laughs. No pleasantries. Nada.


To make matters worse, the online forms I needed to finish the application were MIA, and I called and emailed multiple Medicaid employees and looked all over the internet before finally finding them. Meanwhile, the women were antsy, huffing and puffing and clearly unhappy. Thankfully, an employee had the information I needed. You know, the sort of thing they should provide trainees with!


About an hour and a half later, the application was finished. The interview was super exhausting and low vibe. I admit that I got a bit flustered with the forms, but at least I have the first awkward, bumbling in-person Medicaid Application Center interview under my belt. See, up until this point, I was conducting interviews over the phone, and didn’t have to fuss with all the forms. I had the luxury of not holding the applicants’ energy in proximity. If only I could smudge my work space… Work is a-changing, and I will be flexible and adapt!


After work, I treated myself to a movie date, and saw Zootopia. I’ve been wanting to see it for a while, as I am in love with uplifting animated Disney movies. And it was in 3D! The popcorn smell in the theater was oddly comforting, like I got to experience and enjoy it regret-free.


I highly recommend Zootopia. There are some very funny parts, and it is an all-around uplifting tale of not judging a book by its cover, and letting go of our perceived differences and stereotypes in order to connect with and help one another. Definitely a good message for me, because I can be in a totally snobby mindset, which prevents me from being happy and making the heart connections I desire.


My new mantra: open my heart to all and set boundaries as needed.


Now I am resting and about to read recovery literature. My gratitude list is exceptionally long.


My intention in sharing my fasting experience via the blog medium is to be open, vulnerable, and honest, rather than succumbing to shame, hiding, and secrecy, the very behaviors that drive my addiction. 


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