For week 2 of my refeeding, I gravitated towards freshly prepared organic green juice along with monomeals of organic watermelon.


On day 1, I consumed 1/2 mini-watermelon divided into 4 meals*:

  • 9:45am - 8 oz. watermelon
  • 11:30 - 8 oz. watermelon
  • 1:45 - 5.3 oz. watermelon
  • 5:30 - ~ 8 oz. watermelon


*I also want to add that I am not consuming any liquid 30 minutes prior to eating or 45 minutes after eating to ensure that my stomach acid is strong and able to break down the food. It’s hard not to drink during this time, but I really want to give my body the very best shot!


I had a great night of restful sleep, and tons of energy today. I dedicated the day to self-care, which involved cleaning my townhome, walking Tempe for 3 miles in the sunshine, unpacking two boxes of clothing my mom send me, going to restorative yoga, and seeing the Jungle Book in 3D with a friend. There were no enemas, no kombucha, and no supplements of any kind.


I experienced a truly amazing food sobriety moment that I will share here: Something really cool just happened. I believe I truly am liberated from my food addiction. For my third small meal of the day, I served myself 10.6 oz. of watermelon in a small wooden bowl. I cut it into 4 chunks. I slowly enjoyed two, realizing I wasn’t really feeling hungry. I could or could not eat the remaining two. I sat and thought. A moment of consciousness passed, and I decided to put the remaining two pieces away and enjoy them at my next allotted mealtime EVEN THOUGH I was ok with eating them when I initially served myself. So I had my third watermelon portion of the day: 5.3 oz.


By 2pm, I realized I had not yet eaten half of a mini-watermelon, and I was doing ok and feeling good. I had been worried about refeeding with such small quantities, but I am not feeling ravenous. I am not losing control. I am not having to use all kinds of willpower to stop myself from devouring all these beautiful mini-watermelon I have.


I am peaceful. I am serene. I am conscious. I am in alignment. I am taking care of myself. I am building trust with myself. IT IS AMAZING! I am so so happy and excited and proud of myself. Something has certainly shifted. In my yoga nidra, I always state the Samadhi or resolve: I am liberated from addiction, and I embody all God created me to be. Sri Mati and other spiritual teachers say the intention will come true. I believe it!


As I practice yoga nidra, I am noticing deeper levels of consciousness and dissociative experiences every time. Truly leaving my body. Lifting out and experiencing something else. I believe that all the spiritual work is paying off and fruiting something truly beautiful for me: serenity and freedom. Ah, what an amazing gift! I could not feel more rich!




On day 2, I decided to have the same amount of food: 1/2 mini-watermelon divided into 4 meals and add some juice.


Throughout the day during my allowed liquid times, I am enjoying the juice of 1 mini-watermelon rind only, 3 hearts romaine, 2 stalks celery, and a handful homegrown basil.

  • 8am - 4-6 oz. watermelon
  • 10:30 – 4-6 oz. watermelon
  • 1 – 4-6 oz. watermelon
  • 8 oz. booch
  • 5 – 4-6 oz. watermelon


I had plenty of energy for a spicy hot yoga power vinyasa class, work, blogging, participating in a recovery meeting, and taking my dogs for a long walk. No adverse symptoms whatsoever. I do believe I am still in ketosis, as my mouth has that classic funky ketosis taste. I took one probiotic capsule before bed in hopes of repopulating my gut flora. Overall, I feel well, and easily fell asleep.




On day 3, I woke up naturally around 5am, and began my spiritual practice at 5:30am. This is something I could definitely get used to! Today I went for a whole mini-watermelon! I prepared the same juice: rind of 1 mini-watermelon, 3 hearts romaine, 2 stalks celery, and a handful of basil. It made just shy of a quart and a half of juice, which I divided into three pints.

  • 6:45am - ~1 pint juice
  • 8am – ¼ mini-watermelon
  • 9:30am - ~1 pint juice
  • 11am – ¼ mini-watermelon
  • 1pm – ¼ mini-watermelon
  • 2:30pm – 8 oz. booch
  • 5 – ¼ mini-watermelon
  • 6:30 - ~1 pint juice


I still have yet to have a natural bowel movement. I am not experiencing any nausea or adverse symptoms. I feel like my digestion is slowly turning on, and have felt some rumbling in my stomach. Spiritually, I have been amazed by the food and emotional sobriety I am experiencing. I was afraid of this slow refeeding process, but I am actually finding it quite enjoyable. Emotionally, I feel centered. Physically, my energy is good, and I am feeling my strength return!


I feel as though I am no longing grasping for things outside of myself to fill me—food, drink, distractions, etc. I am accepting what is. I love myself as I am. I am profoundly and deeply connected to others and to the source from which we all come.



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