Infusing water has become a trend that everyone is getting into. Ryan Bennet, an actor, and model who is known for his supporting roles has launched a campaign for water infusion that has many scratching their heads. First of all, let me say this: water infusion is a healthy and low-calorie alternative to many drinks, but with some new formulas being tried it has people wondering whether water infusion is really a solution or just a distraction from the larger problem of where to get healthy calories. 

The pepper is known to help you lose weight and is a spicy alternative to cucumber. It can have a bitter aftertaste but the health benefits outweigh the burning sensation you get when you drink it. For quicker results chop them up before you infuse them. 

The many benefits of strawberries are well documented, as well as Brussel sprouts. The sweet flavor of the berries and the leafy remnants that the sprouts provide produce a mixture that has enough iron and beneficial sugars that you won't need to have a breakfast cereal at all. Notice how he doesn't slice even one ingredient. The purity and oneness that the whole ingredients create make the actual drinking of the water infusion an experience to remember.

Some people worry about not getting enough calories. This water infusion alternative will help you get the calorie intake that you need while giving you the hydrating effects of water. Pizza infusion is a cutting edge technique that involves folding and just the right amount of water for your glass. You can do this at home but be careful of hot pizza. You might want to use cold leftovers. 

Shrimp water infusion is the highest class of infusion that you can attain. You must first select the most fickle of live shrimp from your local market. Then after you pamper the crustaceans for up to a week with their favorite food you peel them alive and place them in water. The happiness that the shrimp felt while you kept them as pets will come through in the infusion.

This infusion is similar to planting a rose garden. First, you take the asparagus stalks and put them in water. You must give them plenty of sunlight and care of them for three weeks while they permeate your glass with the best nutrients the infusion can have. 

Onion water is the Cadillac of water infusions. The taste is the most flavorful of all the revolutionary infusion drinks Ryan has created. The elixir can produce tears in the weak, but if you have the fortitude to handle the blast of flavor your reward will be to repel the people in your office that you don't like. Ryan even stated that this infusion has the lucky quality of getting free gum of any who possess it. 

Possibly the most delicious infusion yet, bacon water has been featured by several restaurants already. You cannot deny the power of bacon. In its raw form, the bacon is placed into the water to not only give it the flavor of life you deserve but the protein that you need. The bacon is not eaten after drinking the water but is given to the homeless after all the flavor is sucked from them. 


This is the most luxurious of the infusions. This is the comb of an albino supermodel who was flown in from the Andes. She is fed only rice wafers for years and her hair is said to taste like the combination of the tears of children and the lightning from a thunderstorm after infused. 


Published by Blake Gardner