Top tourist spots to enjoy water wonders around San Francisco


      Back to the city that I love writing the most about, penning down articles about San Francisco is truly interesting in every way. A city with innumerable moods, shades, cultures, cuisines, activities and adventures, San Francisco is undoubtedly one of the best tourist attractions at the northern end of California. With pleasant climate and energetic ambiance all year round, this city invites visitors from far and wide. While my last article on San Francisco focused over activities for people with diverse interests, this article is about major water wonders around the city. From wonderful light houses to relaxing beaches, from scenic drive along the coast to roaring waves of the ocean, San Francisco has some amazing water wonders that should be a part of every visitor’s wish list.

        Diverse shades of shining water and extremely vast extend of their scope mark the highlights of these water wonders that mesmerize the visitors with their natural appeal. One look into their huge spread makes us ponder about the strength of nature. Known for its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean and Bay waters, San Francisco is the perfect spot that displays the wealth of this natural resource. Water based activities such as kayaking, surfing, ship cruising and fishing invite tourists from all around the globe. The most famous tourist attraction of Golden Gate Bridge that connects the two ends of San Francisco over the bay waters is truly a masterpiece. With its huge structure, unique color, breathtaking construction and significant role, this Golden Gate Bridge depicts the signature style of the city that revolves around water.

      Several beaches along the coast of San Francisco represent top attractions for the tourists. Baker, China, Marshall and Ocean beach are some of these beaches that offer a perfect look of the Golden Gate Bridge. Besides these beaches, light houses of Point Bonita and Point Reyes are wonderful spots to appreciate the mighty strength of the Pacific Ocean. While all these water wonders mentioned so far are located towards the northern region of San Francisco, the southern portion does not desire to stay behind! With a scenic drive of 17 miles along the Pebble beach and Pacific Grove, this tourist attraction at the Monterey Peninsula in California is a perfect destination to visualize the magic of water. Monterey beach and Fisherman’s wharf at Monterey are some other famous spots near this location.

    Let me take you through these water wonders that will equip you with a wish list for the future.


  1. Point Bonita

    Mesmerizing view of the Golden Gate Bridge, amazing look of the Pacific Ocean, strong light house with its ignited charm, great height above the sea level and presence of mountains all around mark this tourist attraction of Point Bonita lighthouse.

    Located in the northern region of San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, Point Bonita is situated in the Marin headlands near Sausalito, California. Around half an hour away from the city of San Francisco, Point Bonita has a distinct feel that separates it from other tourist attractions. Away from all the crowd, noise, traffic and troubles, Point Bonita is marked with peace, calmness and silence of the nature. Breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and amazing scenery of the surrounding make this a special spot for tourists. A short trail of 0.5 miles takes the visitors to the final spot of the light house. With sloping land and hilly areas, the trail can be tricky for those who dislike hiking. Though this hike can be challenging, the entire experience is totally worth it. After the struggle, when one finally explores the view of the ocean and ignited charm of the light house, the adventure seems wonderful, blissful, enjoyable and peaceful. Perfect spot to capture photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge, the location offers amazing experience to each one alike. A small connecting bridge takes one to the final location of the light torch, shining bright over the waters.

Highlights: View of the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Lowlights: Hike over sloping land, limited parking space.


2. Point Reyes

  Further north to Point Bonita is the lighthouse of Point Reyes in Marin county of California. Offering a fantastic look of the Pacific Ocean from a different location, this tourist attraction is extremely famous among the visitors. With a tourist center offering maps, historical information and books about the light house, birds, marine life and fishes, the location can guide tourists in a perfect manner.  To reach the lighthouse, one must walk around 0.4 miles from the parking spot and descend 308 steps. Whale watching, elephant seal watching, Chimney Rock and Drakes beach are some other fun-activities at the Point Reyes besides the light house.

    During weekends and holidays of the whale watching winter season, the internal roads are closed for private vehicles. Shuttle bus system provide services to the tourists along the points of light house, whale watching and Point chimney from the initial point of Drakes Beach.

       Calm and peaceful look of the waters is the best feature of Point Reyes as it takes one closer to the beauty of nature. Offering a pure feel of the environment without any distractions, this experience of Point Reyes is truly worth it.

Highlights: Peaceful view of the ocean, whale watching and elephant seal watching during winters.

Lowlights: 308 steps to reach the lighthouse.


3. 17-mile drive

Scenic drive through Pebble beach and Pacific Grove at Monterey Peninsula is a perfect tourist destination to spend a day. Located 130 miles from San Francisco, this wonder can be reached within 3 hours. With several beautiful spots along the scenic route, it offers perfect frames for photographs. Amidst mountains, thick trees, coastline and peace, this wonder attracts tourists from far and wide. Several residential houses and resorts are situated within this area. With a toll-fee of 10 dollars, the 17 mile-drive opens its gate to breathtaking adventure and memorable experience.

   Tourist spots of Cypress Point, Bird Rock, Point JoePescadero Point, Fanshell Beach & Seal Point are the primary attractions along the route. Several golf courses are located along the 17-mile drive that serve as perfect spot for the combination of sports and nature. Each of these spots are famous for their view, offering a closer look of the environment.

Highlights: Long route for scenic drive with perfect spots for photographs.

Lowlights: 10 dollars toll for vehicles.


4. Beaches around the Golden Gate Bridge

Marshall, Ocean, Baker and China beaches are located along the coastline of Pacific Ocean at San Francisco. Offering the best view of Golden Gate Bridge along different spots of the coast, these beaches are famous among local tourists for activities such as day picnics, surfing, swimming and relaxing on the shore.

Highlights: View of Golden Gate Bridge.

 Lowlights: Cold water, frequent rip currents in the surf and absence of life guards can pose difficulties for swimming.


These are some of the water wonders around the happening city of San Francisco that never fails to entertain its tourists!


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