We’ve all needed it. We’ve been in a position where we’re on a downward spiral and we need a huge push of motivation. I needed this last year after my exams. I was feeling run down. I was gaining weight. I was failing college. No good state to be in. However, fret not beautiful people, I am here to give you some ways you can find your spark for life again.

Stop being so miserable

It’s an obvious starter. You need to start smiling more and being happier with yourself or you’ll never ever regain your motivation. Compliment yourself. Spoil yourself. Do whatever will put a smile on your face.

Plan things more

This can be a huge part of motivation. In order to want to do things you need the time to do things, right? Yes. Planning will help you with this. Whether it’s on scrap paper, an app or in a journal planning out your day will hugely benefit your motivation. It may also give you more time to yourself or to focus on other things.

Question why you need motivation

Why do you need this? What will the motivation gain you? Asking these kinds of questions is so important in being motivated as it gives you a real solid reason to need to motivate yourself. My needs for motivation were simple but I didn’t realise how simple until I asked myself why. It helped a lot to know what I was trying to be motivated for.

Give more time for yourself

Start having more you time. Everyone needs a chance to unwind and deal with their stresses in life. This means you too. Give yourself an hour or two to pamper yourself weekly. Repaint your nails, pluck your brows, do a face mask. Or just watch a movie or a TV show you like. Give yourself time to relax.

Learn to create priorities

Priorities are everything. If you have a dance class that clashes with a study session then it’s probably best to prioritise the study session because in the long run it will most likely be more beneficial. This isn’t to say give up all hobbies, just learn to put one thing before another.

Believe you can do this

Being confident in your abilities to use motivation to get where you need to be is most important. You need to believe your motivation will pay off and lead to something good. Doing this made my motivation sky rocket.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this post can help you. They aren’t facts that’ll keep you motivated but just little tips that have worked for me. I hope you find your spark and I also hope that your motivation pays off. Stay beautiful, love Katie x x

Published by Katie-Yvonne Brien