In this article, we’ll share some tips and tricks on how to learn more about marketing and management strategies.

Marketing is a buzzword at the moment, with marketing and social media agencies popping up all over the place claiming to help your business flourish. But why spend your extra business money on overheads? Developing your own knowledge of marketing and management will bring you a wealth of opportunities to help your business grow. Whether you own a coffee shop, your own gym, or you’re a freelancer, these are the key things you need to know before delving into the industry, because sure you can do your job well, but what’s the point if you don’t know how to sell it? You need to be able to build your brand, manage people and then finally find clients and keep then, easy, right?

Making a sale

The endgame to marketing strategies is making a sale. There are no two ways about it, you’re learning all of this so that you can go on to sell your product, and you need to keep that in the forefront of your mind whenever you’re making a marketing plan.

If you can’t sell you can’t make a business work, and you’ve got to remember that whenever you’ve got to send an email, make a cold call or pitch your idea to a company. That sale is what is going to make your business grow, feed you and put a roof over your head. So, no matter how much you hate trying to sell to people, it’s a necessity if you want to make things work, otherwise it’s back to your office job. In order to make a business transformation you’ve got to put sales at the forefront of your strategy, whether you enjoy it or not.

Look at what you like

What are the types of things you look at online and why do you like them? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about your own marketing plan. The first thing you need to ask yourself is why you saw it? was it because:

• You saw a Facebook ad on your timeline

• Your friend sent you a post on Instagram

• It came up on Google when you were searching for a similar topic

Then once you’ve seen the article, you need to pick out the features that made you want to keep on reading:

• They had high quality images

• The content was educational and informative

• It had something free for me to download

It’s things like this that you need to start making note of, because chances are if you’re interested in a topic and enjoyed what you’ve seen, then other people will as well. This isn’t copying other companies, just utilising other ideas to help your own flourish. Now you’ve been enticed in by the company, you need to think about what made you take the final hurdle and buy the product:

• The product was on sale

• There was a free gift with the product

• I saw other people on social media using it

You are your target audience, although you may not be the same demographic, so next time you’re planning a strategy, think to yourself “What would I like to see?”.

Research other companies

The only way you’ll learn what works is from others, like stated above, this doesn’t mean that you have to plagiarise, but using other people’s ideas is the only way you’re going to improve your own marketing skills, every idea spurts from several other ideas. For example, if you’re reading a piece of email marketing, things to consider about a good piece are:

• What is it that they’re talking about that engages me?

• What’s the tone of voice?

• Has it been well written? What’s the grammar and punctuation like?

You’ll begin to see patterns of things you like and dislike and use these techniques in your own work. Begin by looking at people or businesses that work in your niche and expand from there. You can also take inspiration from bloggers and other writers, as well as YouTube and various other platforms that people use as a form of marketing.

What’s the latest marketing trend?

You’ve got to know the game to be in it and in recent years, nearly everything has moved to digital. Since 2016, social media, email and online marketing have skyrockets, leaving techniques such as mail, tradeshows and print advertising struggling to keep up. Keeping on top of the latest trends means that you won’t be left behind either, key things to look out for when it comes to trends are:

• Where does your client spend the most time? If most of your clients spend time on social media then it’s pretty self-explanatory where you should be directing your marketing.

• What are people searching for the most online?

• What’s trending on different social media platforms?

Finding out what people find interesting on a regular basis keeps your content up to date and on trend, even if it’s nothing to do with the product you’re selling, don’t forget you’re also trying to sell the brand.

Let others see your vision

Managing a team can be difficult, especially if you’re just used to managing yourself. When you know what your goal is and what you’re working towards, it’s fairly easy to stay motivated, but when managing other people, they need the same inspiration to push them to work. That’s why you need to share and sell your vision to them. If the team have that vision clear cut in their head, they too will have something to aspire to and work with the same dedication as you. Ways to include team members in your vision are by:

• Allowing them to brainstorm their ideas with you

• Keep reminding them what the vision is through meetings, emails and in conversation

• Find ways your vision can help their own personal or work-related goals

• Equally share the success when your vision is met

By personally investing in others and letting their dream be a part of your dream, it encourages the team member that this vision has possible benefits to their own life. From this, being motivated to work sufficiently won’t be a problem as both parties have an end goal to work to.

Hopefully this article will have clearly defined some of the ways you can learn more about marketing and management and hopefully grow your business through different techniques and strategies. Always remember that no matter what your business is or you’re trying to sell, you have to market yourself otherwise there will be no audience to see what you’re doing.


Published by Lavismichel Inkel