If you think you can't fix that broken relationship, then you should make a new step. If one of you is already not paying attention to what's going on with the both you, then it's time for you to take an act. There is no need of continuing a failed relationship. What is the sense? You can still find that one who deserves you and will give you worth. You should move on and let go of the past.

1. Let him/her go.

     This is the first thing you should do. In case you are the one who said goodbye, then this step will not be that hard for you. Because, the moment you left him is already an act of letting go; that you are already enough of all those bad things that happened with the both of you.

     If, in case you are the one who was left and you still feel like he's the one; that you still love him even he already left you for someone new, then this step could be a little bit harder. How can you let go of that someone whom you thought was the one? You should think of this. If you really love him, then set him free. You should let him be happy for his decision. And, you should be the one to accept that what's done is done.

2. Acceptance

     Accept what had happened. Be happy for him. Always tell yourself that you have still time to find the right one for you. You never know, maybe, your true love is just right there. Maybe, it is not just the right time for the both of you. Accept the truth that he's already gone in your life and that your relationship had lasted.

3. Have Fun

     This step will help you find your way out of grief. Stop crying for the wrong person! Stop being a fool! It will not help you to become better. If you still continue doing the wrong thing, it might brought great depression in you. And, that's crazy! Have fun! Go out along with your friends. Tell them what you feel and let your friends give you advises . Or, talk to your family about what happened. I know they will understand you. Explore the outside world. There is no need for you to cry over things you do not deserve. Go out and get a life! 😁

4. Appreciate world

     Appreciate the beauty of your environment. Don't block the view from the outside. Let someone to introduce himself to you . It would be a nice thing. Appreciate everything you see. Do not close your doors for every opportunities that may come. Do not let yourself be eaten by loneliness, grief, sadness, and disappointments. Give yourself another try. 😉

5. Forget the past

     I know after passing the first four steps, you will feel better. That was based on experienced. 😁 So that, you can now forget the past. While doing the 4 steps, you are already trying to do the fifth step little by little. I know how hard it is to forget, but if you choose to get better and show him what he wasted then you really should do this and start making a new life. Don't waste yourself. God did not made you to be wasted. You are here for a purpose.

6. Start making new friends.

     Stop hating people the way you hate that someone who took you for granted. Start making new friends. Show them that you are strong enough to face everything. Show them what you got!

7. Enjoy Life Have No Regrets

     It might take you so long to move on, but at the end it's you who will make it out for yourself. Enjoy life and make the best out of it. Have no regrets of all the things that happened. Just think beautifully that all of those in the past happened for a reason. This might be not helpful to all of us, but I know some will relate. Let us have all of the courage and the guts we need. Focus on what may come tomorrow and leave what had broken your dreams. Be a little bit optimistic. Better things are on it's way. 😊

Published by Lira Mae Centus