A bathroom is not just a functional place. It is so much more. This is a special place where you can go to pamper yourself and experience spa-like moments. Some people would even use it especially when they want to relieve their minds of things that have clobbered it. For this reason, special care is taken when bathroom renovation is taking place. It has to be spectacular in every way.

The general cost of renovating of a bathroom can be quite which could be very discouraging. However, bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be impractical. You can have your dream bathroom without spending too much. You can still achieve this when your budget is tight by following the guidelines provided below.

Scale down on items to replace

You don’t have to replace everything during the bathroom remodel process. Your bathroom can still look great if the bigger items like the toilet or bath tab stay intact. If they are all in good condition, there will be no need of getting new ones. Rather, your tight budget can go with the replacement of small items. For example, instead of buying a new sink, you can invest in a new faucet. A new toilet would cost you more than a new toilet seat. If you consider the small items, you will definitely cut on costs and save more.

If the tiles are won out, you can also consider patching up rather than re-tiling the whole bathroom. This can actually give you an opportunity to be a little more creative as you make new patterns while patching up.

Find out the general cost of the materials

Immediately the idea of remodeling your kitchen strikes, take some time to research on the amount that will be required for all the materials. Once this is done, set your budget. This will help you estimate the amount that will be required as well as determine the most urgent needs. Compare the prices of these materials from different stores. During the remodeling, make sure that the cost for the whole project does not exceed the preliminary budget you had set. If the renovation project forces you to dig deeper into your pockets, you will know there is something you are doing wrong.

Do some projects yourself

There are many homeowners who don’t have the extensive knowledge and skills on plumbing, electricity, and other complex things. There are simple tasks, however, that you can take up yourself. For example, fresh paint can do wonders for your bathroom. Hiring an expert to paint it will cost you money. Do the painting yourself. Choose the colors that will make your bathroom look lively.

Similarly, get a power drill and work on your towel rods and vent covers. They are not difficult to remove or to install. You can start by getting rid of the stuff that you don’t need anymore. This will be easily applicable if they are removed before painting kicks off. This way, the idea of having your dream bathroom will be attainable without using a lot of money.

Hire a professional

There are tasks you can take up without experience that would leave your bathroom looking impractical. Avoid this. Get an expert to work on your tiles. Professional renovators such as Urban Kitchens and Joinery can boost your renovation efforts. These will offer you great services that are cost-effective.

Buy the tiles that are most affordable. You can go for those that have beautiful designs. If you buy the most expensive tiles, it will drain you off financially. Get those that look like the original tiles. This will save you a lot of money.

Look for extras

If your friends and relatives had leftover tiles from home or bathroom renovations, take them instead of buying them from the stores. You can also enquire from the expert you have hired whether there are alternatives. Some people sell leftover tiles on the internet because they can’t be returned to suppliers. The cost of leftover tiles is not the same as the new tiles you source from the stores. It is always less. Buy enough for your bathroom. This can work on your tight budget.


Bathroom renovation is not as expensive as people may think. The steps highlighted here in can be of great help in facilitating your bathroom renovation without breaking your bank.

Whatever approach you choose must nonetheless be guided by safety precautions. Remember, for instance, that there are water and electricity which can cause deadly accidents if not properly installed. This is where you might need the services of a professional to help you figure it out.

Take the process of renovation like building the house, only that this is done on a small scale. The approach you give it should be one that saves you a few dollars rather than consuming all your savings.


Published by Peter Garlow