We all have needs, thats a given – some of them would be considered sinful needs and some would be considered righteous needs. It goes without saying that sinful needs cant be blessed by God, He will never meet a sinful desire and help you fulfill it. But sometimes, it can seem like the Lord has said no to fulfill even a righteous need. We have all been there, and some of us are there right now, we have legitimate righteous needs which we have prayed about but nothing seems to happen. What could be the cause of this?


There is no doubt about it, God wants to meet our needs. He wants us to be blessed, healed, provided for. And He even wants to clean up the mess we sometimes make by our own sin. Being a believer does not make you perfect, we are still wery much able to sin even though our faith is in the cross of Christ. (Matt 6:33, 1.John 1:8, Rom 3:10)


I know there are people out there who claim that we dont sin after salvation. They give the impression that salvation gives us a «super power» that makes it possible for us to say no to sin. The Bible doesnt mince words when it comes to people who make these kind of statements. According to the word of God these people are calling God a liar. It is a serious business to call God a liar and at the same claim to be one of his children. (1.John 1:10)


And of course there is another group who claim the way to victory over sin is the purpose driven life, human psychology, reading your bible more or just trying harder. Unfortunately a lot of these people are pastors and they tend to use these kind of arguments to make sure more people attend their church, or read their books. The Bible doesn mince words with these either, they are preaching another gospel and they are cursed because of it. (Gal 5:24)


The third group could be the most dangerous of them all, because everything they claim sounds so biblical that it has to be true. This group says the only thing we need is faith, and specifically faith in the written word of God. If God has said so, then it has to happen is a popular statement made by them. So they make claims like «if God has said He is your healer then He will heal you if your faith is big enough». But the Bible says that all faith except for one kind of faith is a sin. So they are sinning just as much as the one who is comitting adultery. (Romans 14:23)


There are many more false groups out there in Christianity that make bold statements and big promises. They claim they have the key to victory, the key to having success and all your needs met. But if you stop for a moment and question how many of them are experiencing what they promise, how many of them are living the «blessed life», you will soon discover there are none. Because there is only one way to be blessed by God. (Rev 12:11)


To understand how to have your needs met by God, how to live life as a christian, we have to look to the Bible. And yes I know – I have covered this subject, but I feel in my spirit it is necessary to take a closer look on it. There are some of you dear readers who needs hear this message again, and this time from a slightly different point of view.


God has obligated Himself to support us, provide for us, heal us, protect us, guide us and comfort us. What we read about when it comes to Moses, Abraham and how God dealt with the Israelites and provided for them in the desert is supposed to be how we are to live. What happened to Moses, Abraham and the Israelites is supposed to happen to us as well. Jesus feeding thousands upon thousands with just some few fishes and some breads is supposed to be our reality. God has obligated Himself to it, so He has promised that He will do this in our life.

But is this our reality? Can we honestly look at our lifes and say this is how we are living, a life where God meets all our needs? (Deut 28: 1-13)


If I look at my own life, at first glance, I have to say God doesnt meet all my needs. But on second glance I see this is wrong of me, He is meeting all my needs we are just having a disagreement on the time issue. In my opinion a lot of my needs should have been met yesterday. But when I look back on it, I have to admit it would have not turned out so good for me if they had been met yesterday.


Yesterday I was wery focused on my needs, I felt frustrated (I am not talking about sunday, I am talking about the past in general) and I complained to God why He didnt come through for me right away. But when I now look back on it, I see how God was working on me as a person yesterday. So He was hard at work on my personality, meeting the needs of my personality and changing me. If He had not done that but instead given me what I asked for, I could not have handled what he then would have given me. So He had to first work on my soul, the more immediant needs, before He could meet my physical needs. But I also recognise something else, yesterday my faith was more on my needs then the blood of Christ. So it is easy to see why God didnt give me what I wanted yesterday. My faith was all wrong, and my soul needed some working on. (3.John 1:2)


So there was a good reason why God did not meet my needs yesterday they way I wanted Him to. And looking back I have to admit He did meet my needs, He provided shelter, food and everything I needed that day. I was unable to see what He did that day because I was so focused on my other needs, those He cant give me yet until my faith is right and my soul is ready.


There is no doubt about it, God is faithful. He has obligated Himself to meet our every need, even when our faith is wrong and we act like spoiled children which is actually a sin. So how do we allign our perception of our needs with His perception? After all this is what it all comes down to, a difference in understanding our needs. We disagree with God what our needs are, and at the same time we are taking for granted what He is doing right here, right now not being thankful because we are so focused on what we want.


Isnt God good and merciful? We act like spoiled brats and we sin because our faith is all wrong. Still He gives us food, clothing, shelter and protection each day. Just like He did with the Israelites in the desert. But we have to remember, not all of the Israelites in the desert entered the promised land. God met all their needs every day in the desert, and He promised them a land filled with milk and honey. So He promised them a wonderful, glorious future with great wealth if they first crossed the desert. And this is where it gets challenging for us, not all of the Israelites where allowed to cross over into the promised land. Actually only 2 of them where allowed, the rest was killed by God because he grew impatient with their constant murmuring and complaining.


And here we are today as christians, He meets all our needs every day. He gave us life today, He could have chosen to take our life while we where sleeping. Instead He gave us another day to live. He gave us sun, rain, wind, food, clothing, shelter, protection and guidance. (Yes I know, you might disagree and start reading your long list of things you think you need). But have been truly grateful to Him? Have we thanked Him for meeting our needs today or have we done what the Israelites did, murmured and complained which caused only two of them to enter into the promised land? (1.Cor 10:1-11)


I know for myself I have made myself guilty today in murmuring and complaining. I want to be debt free now, I want all my bills payed now, I want to close my eyes and open them again in the new apartment we are moving into in 1 week. I want life to be easy, but at the same time, I make myself guilty in neglecting His goodness today. He woke me up today, He gave me strength to my muscles to walk out of bed and drive to work. He blessed me with food on the table this morning, food for lunch and good colleagues at work. He has blessed me with a beautiful wife, a house and an apartment to move into next week. He has blessed me with a car (yes its almost 20 years old and the windows dont function, but still I have a car). I see all these blessings, and still I sin because my faith is all wrong. My faith is in my troubles, in what could happen, in my fears, in what I am able to or not able to do. And this hinders my soul from growing so He has to work more on my soul before He can allow me to enter the promised land. He could have taken my life back today, I surely deserve it. But He has blessed me with another day, and I ask His forgivness because I confess to have sinned. My faith has been wrong, a sinful faith which has led me to being ungrateful.


But I also know that when I confess my sins and I focus my faith again on what is righteous, His blood, He cleanses me from all sin. He forgives my sins and makes me righteous again because of my confession and my faith. I cant stop wondering how some can claim we dont sin just because we have been saved. But then I recall to mind what the Bible says about them, by saying we cant sin they call God a liar. And I dont understand how some can resort to man made things and even good religious duties to get something from God. Then I recall that the Bible says they are cursed and living under law, Christ has become of no effect to them. This only makes me cling even more to the precious blood of Christ and His cross, without I am nothing but with the cross and the blood I am still nothing but I have everything.


This is what happens when we return to the cross, to the blood of Christ. We die and sieze to exist and He – Jesus Christ becomes alive in us. When Jesus becomes alive in us we get to share in everything that is His. We get to share in His life, His health, His status as a Son of God. So by dying to ourself by faith we get it all. (Gal 3:6-18, John 3:16)


I know what some of you might be thinking right now, «dying to myself?!», «sieze to exist!?, this sounds like some sort of buddhism where I dont have any needs and wants and where I am as a person is viped out».


I remember my own reaction when I first heard this teaching. It was so hard for me to accept that I had to die to myself so that He could live. Everything within me objected, because I wanted God to see me, love me, nurture me, give me what I need. But when you look at the cross its not difficult at all to die to yourself. Mirroring your own life in the 10 commandments and the cross shows you the benefits of letting yourself die spiritually. There is nothing good in you that deserves God love, Gods blessings, a future from God. In you and I – the human beings, our personality – there is only sin. If you doubt this just look at yourself in the mirror of the 10 commandments. If you dont want to call God a liar you have to admit He is true and right when He says there is nothing good in us. We all deserve hell, so we cant deserve anything from God. He cant meet our needs based on who we are, what we have done or not done. (Gal 3:19)


But He has obligated to meet the needs of Jesus, His Son. To do so we have to get out of the way so that Jesus gets room in our lifes to live. We have to die to ourself, who we are, what we want, what we desire so He gets room to live through us. And by doing so we get it all, we get forgivness, righteousness and we get to call God for Dad. God becomes our Daddy (Gal 3:6-18, John 3:16, Rom 3:22)

How do we do this?


By faith – by choosing to believe that Jesus died for us and His blood was shed for us. Life is in the blood, so by believing in the blood of Christ shed for you, you will die spiritually and Jesus will come alive in your life. Then everything that is sinful in your life vanishes, it goes away. It dies with Jesus on the cross, but then you are resurected with Jesus and you get to walk out of the grave spiritually speaking with Him to a new life where you are one with Him. A life where you dont exist anymore, He exists through you.


By faith in His death, His blood we get His life. We get His wealth, His health, His future. By faith in His blood we get included into all He has. So God wants to meet your needs, He wants to bless you and give you what you need. But He cant bless you, He can only bless Jesus when Jesus is allowed to live your life and Jesus is only allowed to live your life when you give Him permission and you open the door. The door can only open when you choose to believe in His blood and His death for you. (Rev 12:11)


In our day and age we have a tendency of becoming so intellectual. So it could be difficult for some of you to understand the concept of faith. The Bible says the faith works by love (Gal 5:6). So we express our faith by love, and this is the difference between accepting a factual truth and having faith in it. Almost everybody believes Jesus existed, but not all have chosen to love Him. So even though they believe He existed they do not posess any saving faith, only those who love Him have that faith. But you can never seperate what Jesus did and His person. So if you love Jesus you have to love the cross, His death and His blood that was given for your sins.


So if you love the blood of Jesus you are loving Himself. And when you come to think of it, its not difficult to love Jesus, after all He died for us when we did not deserve it. If you love Him you have the kind of overcoming faith the Bible talks about. The kind of faith that allows His life to become one with your life, the kind of faith that guarantees all your needs to be met and provides a future for you in heaven when you die.

Thank you dear reader for taking the time to read todays teaching. I hope you where blessed. Remember, if you prayer or prophecy its always free of charge. 


Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com