Call it holiday, vacation, break or time-off, we all need it, once in a while. With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, the timing of this thought seemed perfect. Away from the usual cycle of routine, when life offers a chance to unwind, it is extremely essential to grab such an opportunity. By breaking away from the monotonous course of journey, frequent short breaks work in a perfect manner. Vacation does not necessarily translate into long trips to far-away locations or expensive span of holidays, it can simply mean taking the time off from usual routine.

     You may spend your vacation right at home, while trying out a novel hobby or indulging into your favorite activities. As daily course of life is packed with long list of tasks, vacation can let us execute every single delightful activity as desired.

      Breaks take us away from the stress of routine, prompting us to think, introspect and reflect. As it offers us free time, we can ponder about the further course of action. It gives us the opportunity to evaluate our goals, frame new ones, be happy over accomplished tasks and plan the strategy ahead. Many a times, when the usual course of work covers our eyes towards new possibilities or newer plans, holidays act as the perfect eye-opener. By motivating us to think beyond the usual, vacation comes across as the appropriate reason to forget about worries and troubles.

     Holidays play a pivotal role in each one’s life. From small toddlers at home to busy kids at school, from college folks to working individuals, each one deserves a perfect vacation filled with fun. Though the choice of activities may vary, the underlying reason for time-off remains the same.

     Vacations allow us to celebrate the usual route of our life. As this journey is marked by challenges, road blocks, troubles and disturbances, it is important to energize from time to time. Holidays can take away all the tiredness and boredom of routine, bringing back an enthusiastic version of our usual mind.Planning a vacation with family and friends refills the energy tank, as it takes us to a dreamland away from home. Be it an adventurous trip or a relaxing tour, be it a long trip to overseas wonders or a quick weekend getaway to local destinations, every kind of vacation seems exciting as long as it can take you to a different world all together.

     Planning, executing, enjoying and returning back with happiness are the ideal steps to a perfect vacation. One must know how to make the best use of this time-off, as worrying about work during holidays or attending to business matters at leisure can spoil the entire purpose. Traveling, experimenting, observing and enjoying should be the main tasks along a holiday, as one does not get such a luxury, quite often. Extracting maximum fun from the available vacation time should be the main motto, before resuming with the usual course.

       Vacation comes across as the most ideal opportunity to communicate with our inner minds. By spending quality time with ourselves, we can form a healthy bond with our ideas, desires, wishes and dreams. Besides, they offer numerous moments to connect with our family and friends. At times, change in ambiance and freedom from usual responsibilities work wonders as we can strengthen our relationship with closed ones. Away from the closed doors of a house, vacation can open our thoughts, encouraging us to communicate and erase any differences.

  Though breaks are designed for no work, they work a lot themselves to bring smile over our faces.


Let us summarize the reasons that will justify your need for a vacation, without driving you towards guilt of any kind!


  • It is important to get away from the usual course of work for increasing our levels of enthusiasm and refilling more energy.


  • Vacation can motivate us to reflect over our goals and give us ideas for the future.


  • They encourage communication with our inner mind, offering us freedom from worries.


  • Holidays are designed to celebrate our journey till date, while planning strategies for the next move.


  • It is important to leave our worries for a while, as the time-off can change our usual perspective.


  • Vacation is the ideal time to bond with our family and friends, while allowing open discussion and free time for communication.


  • Break from monotonous routine can curb boredom and irritation, improving performance after the return.  

      Hope these reasons are sufficient enough for packing your bags. Take breaks, plan a vacation, get away someplace else and enjoy your holidays – after all, at times going away is the only way to bring someone back! 

Published by Lavanya