This is not a status of any school report card or mark-sheet of college performance, it reflects the overall condition of every aspect in our life. Be it academics or career, relationships or domestic life, we all encounter our set of failures, rejection, disappointment and sorrow. While the end result is an uncertain factor that does not materialize on our nod alone, working hard along the journey is the only option within our reach. By staying determined, dedicated, focused and cheerful right till the end, we can ensure some ray of hope in the process. Worrying about the outcome or fearing the possibility of failure are just some of the disturbances that can take us away from the race. Along with several other road-blocks that can alter the end product, our tendency towards self-doubt is the most influential reason for failure.


    Confidence over our efforts and belief in our hard work are the most important raw materials, before the start of any significant project. Though at the beginning of any task, we are geared up with the fuel of interest, ambition, desire and motivation, these factors tend to lose their charm along the way. As difficulties and challenges present their ugly pictures every passing day, our fuel may exhaust in the process. This causes an early conclusion of an unsuccessful project or failure due to resignation. While initial success and satisfaction are some of the guaranteed gifts of any task, it is the energy at the end that really counts. Amidst situations that appear extremely impossible and circumstances that seem unfavorable, standing firm with focused vision is the trick for success.


    Every task or project in life tends to follow a standard pattern. Sticking to the course till the end and achieving the desired goal call for celebration of success. This explains why some of us are able to reach the peak with excellence, while others quit in the process. At the start of any project, the finish line appears possible, inviting, exciting and achievable. As this journey begins, the initial stock of enthusiasm offers enjoyment, satisfaction and sense of victory. From 1% to 90%, as the process moves towards its completion, there are no chances of failure or disappointment. It is only towards the end that life chooses to evaluate our preparation, commitment, interest and sincerity by throwing loads of challenges over the head. While juggling with these difficulties and dealing with the extreme troubles, it is important to have faith in our efforts.


   Support from our loved ones, confidence in our hard work and increased preparation for the novel challenges are the some of the ways to achieve the desired result. While self-doubt, worries about failure, desire to quit and inclination towards resignation start approaching our way in full speed, we must power ourselves with more energy and determination. It is the strong will to continue that matters as our refusal to give up powers the journey ahead. While conversion of 90% to 100% appears as a small marginal difference, it is the most important phase that demand every ounce of our energy and enthusiasm. Without worrying about the result, if we continue to march ahead; we can definitely enjoy the fruits of satisfaction.


Let us prepare a reminder bulletin that will prompt us to continue over the last 10%, when the going seems extremely tough.


  • Invest more efforts towards the end because it demands more preparation in every way.


  • Reserve additional energy and enthusiasm for the last, as little distraction can lead to failure and quitting.


  • Remind yourself about the wonderful journey so far and the need to reach the end point because the entire struggle was meant for that one moment alone.


  • Take experiences, guidance, support, encouragement and motivation from your loved ones as they shall offer true support, when you need it the most.


  • Motivate yourself to enjoy the process, rather than obsessing over the final point. If you are able to extract happiness and joy from your efforts, you may reach the end without realizing the struggle.


  • Do not look at ‘quitting’ or ‘resigning’ as your options. When you know that reaching the finish line is the only choice for you, you will work hard in every way.


  • Keep moving ahead with a smile and inspire your inner mind. Unless you depict will power and confidence from within, you cannot expect success on the outside. 

Inculcate these thoughts in life and feel the difference, after all 90% is definitely easy but 100% is certainly not! 

Published by Lavanya