What the heck has gotten into us, anyway?  When did we decide scoring against those who don't agree with us is more important than our country's success?

How exactly does anarchy, incivility, vandalism and crudeness help anyone?

No matter who you voted for (I supported Ted Cruz, so I didn't get my way, either), we now have a president who is responsible for the welfare of the whole country. You don't need to love him or agree with everything he says, but trying to destroy him only harms us all.

When I see the things being said about Americans by the foreign media and citizens, it embarrasses me, and they are making their judgments based upon what our own media and celebrities are saying about us.

I see American entertainers on British television trashing their own country, as though they are not a part of us. Who does that? Do you go to your neighbor's house to mock your own family?

Success for this administration is success for us all. If we don't like the direction we are taking, then we can make our voices heard at the polls, not screaming obscenities and destroying property in our own streets.

Temper tantrums are for two-year-olds.

Published by J.B.Hawker http://jbhawker.com/