Recently I have published a post on societal pressures and how society shapes us to be something we are not. 

Today, whilst I was taking a coffee I've overheard a conversation at the table next to me and quite frankly was left in shock. It was a small table with two teenage girls and what looked like one of the girls' grandfather. When I went into the cafe, they were already there so I've only been able to capture a small proportion of the conversation. One of the girls spoke loudly and carelessly being extremely impolite towards her grandfather. You could hear her say "I am angry with you. My head is spinning that's how angry you make me" and a laughter of her friend echoed somewhere in the background. Her grandfather must be in his eighties and must have lived a life full of interesting experiences. 

The girls at the table could care less about the experiences and the word "respect" was clearly not in their vocabulary. What if the grandfather was sick? What if he simply wanted to take out his grandchild and spend more time together? It pained my heart to hear disrespectful comments thrown towards the man. Is this what our society accepts? Is it ok for teenagers to act out this way? 

Well, honestly this was also disrespectful towards the others surrounding them as we could hear each word spoken by the girl. It seemed like she didn't even care. I wanted to stand up and just comment and say that one day her grandfather won't be around anymore and she would live the rest of her life with a regret of not getting to know him! Though I doubt she would even realize this, if ever. 

Isn't it sad though? People have stopped to care about people. What matters most is our hair and make up, shopping, dating and for some of us work - is this really what we have become? I choose to believe that there's more of good in people and that we still Cary respect for each other and we don't feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Really it just comes across that one is trying to prove something: too important at work and justify with meeting or to busy with social life at social parties. 

At the end of the day just ask yourself who cares? The acting only will work on the audience and every day there's less people interested in this crazy inexplicable behavior. 

We are not in high school anymore so why do we still act like children?

Published by Karina Saakyan