When one begins considering adoption, it is very quickly that he realizes there are many paths that can be taken.

We knew there were a lot of options.  We were open to many of these option. What we didn't know was which path was right for us. So we looked, we learned, we researched, we asked.  We made phone calls and scheduled meetings.  We learned as much as we could about adoption through the foster care system.  We learned about domestic adoption (an infant in the US). And we learned about international adoption.

Then we took time. We talked a LOT! I even sat down with paper and pencil, scribbling pros and cons of each path. We had a lot to consider. They are all very different paths and have different stories within. Yet, every avenue of adoption involves a child in need. Every avenue involves birth parents who are suffering loss.  Every avenue has a door open for waiting hearts like ours.  And every avenue involves pain, emotion, trauma and fear.

But after considering all of our options, we made the decision that was best for us, for our family, for our children and for our hearts. For us an international adoption is the right path. And adoption through China is what we have chosen!

Let me share just a few details of what we do know about our China adoption so far!

  • The entire process from application submission to travel, if all goes well, should take us between 12-18 months.
  • The first 6+ months of our journey will be filled with paperwork! Lots and lots of paperwork. We have to complete a HOME STUDY (a thorough assessment by a licensed agency/social worker of our family life, history and home to determine if we are found fit emotionally, physically and financially to adopt a child). The HOME STUDY involves interviews as well as a compilation of many legal documents. We also need to complete a DOSSIER (pronounced daw-see-ey). The DOSSIER is a collection of documents required to meet the legal requirements of adoption through China, including US immigration requirements. The HOME STUDY is part of the DOSSIER. Once our DOSSIER is complete it is sent to China for authentication. And then we wait!
  • We are not currently matched with a child at this time. Once we submit our DOSSIER, our agency will begin the matching process with us. AS SOON AS WE ARE ABLE we will gladly share our news of a match with you!!!
  • Our plan is to adopt a child younger than Callum. It has been recommended to us that with a large family like ours, adopting in birth order may be the best option for all involved.  Of course, plans can change, but for now the thought is that the newest Fitz kiddo will be the youngest.
  • We are open to adopting either a boy or a girl. BUT...we have learned that China is in desperate need of families to adopt boys! This breaks me. I am not entirely certain of the reasons for this. And whatever the reasons are, I suppose is not worthy of obsessing over. But our plan as of now is to adopt a BOY!!!
  • Once we are matched with a child and approved by China, we will still have to wait several months before we can travel. When the time comes we will have to travel to China for 2 weeks!
  • There are so many more details than this. And I will share more as we move forward. But, in the meantime,  please ask questions! This is so new to us but is already such a passion and we want to educate and inform anyone who is interested! Don't hesitate, just ask away and I will do my best to answer!

Published by Lisa Fitzgerald