Those of you who know my story remembers how we are suffering the consequences of our financial sins. For years now we have tried to get out of debt and keep the house, and against all ods we have kept it up until now. But now we have finally found a suitable apartment, so by selling the house and moving to this apartment, we could manage to get out of debt with the money we will get for the sale.


During these years I have learned a lot about myself and God. It has been hard, and sometimes almost to hard to deal with when you know God has forgiven you but the consequences of your sin is still wery much present. Having to deal with bill collectors and collection agencies when you have the money you need is wery stressful sometimes. And to be honest, if it where not for my faith I would not have made it. It is the grace of God that has kept me so far and will se me through to total financial freedom.


I dont know what your situation is dear reader, what has made you loose hope right now? Is it sickness, relationship problems or finances? Maybe you are blessed financially but now you see there is something money cant buy. Money cant cure you of cancer, it cant give your aunt her sight back and it cant comfort you late at night when loneliness sets in. I dont know your situation, but I am here to tell you there is hope. No matter what you are going through right now, it is hope and the hope is Jesus.


I know, upon mentioning the name Jesus it will probaly evoke several different responses in my readers. Some of you will feel love, some of you will the opposite of love and some will feel fear. Maybe christians have hurt you in the past, maybe religion has dissapointed you? Maybe you are one of those who prayed for a friend or a family member to be healed but it didnt happen? And to make the matter even worse, perhaps you where told by a preacher that he or she promised healing if you just tithe/gave money or did something.


Dear reader, allow me to share something with you, to show you that Jesus wants to provide genuine hope for you.


During these years with financial distress I have more then once had the idea «if I only read more in the Bible, then God would help me/ if I only tithed more, then God would help me / if I only prayed harder with stronger faith, then God would help me». Looking back over the years I see how these ideas have originated in two things, the society we live in and really bad teachings from christian television.


We live in a society that encourages us to believe in ourself, to work hard and enjoy the benefits of our hard work. So its not any wonder it was easy for me to think like that, to transfer my mindset created by the society unto God and how I understood Him. During these years I cant recollect one preacher telling me I didnt have to do something to get God to help me with my finances. Well there was two preachers who told me to just wait on God, but they never told me how to wait on God. When everything around you screams at you «you have to do something to survive, you cant just sit there and not do anything!, its irresponsible!!» its hard to wait on God. So I failed, I was totally unable to just wait on Him. I felt I had to do, do , do something to get something from Him.


What about you dear reader? Do you find it easy to wait on God? I guess you are probaly like me, always doing something to try to get something from God. Always being active working hoping God will tell you what to do as you go along with it. Or maybe you have just given up, you have tried everything there is and nothing worked and now you have just given up?


The truth is this, we dont have to do anything or not do anything to get Gods help. Our actions does not determine Gods ability or willingness to bless us and meet our needs. You can be morally perfect, saved, and never see God answering your prayers and you can be the worst saved sinner there is and never see God answering your prayers. The only thing that determines when and how you will get Gods help is your faith.


God doesnt meet your needs based on your actions, on how much you have done religious duties the past week, how long you prayed, read your bible, tithed, witnessed or how less you have done these things. He doesnt meet your needs on account of how much you have done spiritual warfare against your sin, how little you have sinned or how much you sinned the last week. When it comes to caring for you and meeting your needs He doesnt look at your actions and your life. He doesnt even look at who you are, He looks at what sacrifice you have given Him for your sins. And there is only one sacrifice He will accept and that is Jesus. (Eph 1:3)


If your faith is in Jesus Christ and Him crucified for your sins, God will approve of your sacrifice declear you righteous AND go to work on your needs. He wants to bless the righteous and prove Himself strong on their behalf. He wants to show how powerful He is, How good He is, How much He loves us. But He cant do any of that if we are not righteous, and we can only be righteous if we believe in Jesus Christ and Him crucified for us. (Deut 28:1-13, Rom 3:22, Eph 1:3)


So we are saved by faith through grace, but we also live by faith through grace.


You would never try to earn your salvation because you know it cant be done. You know the bible declears it to be a sin to earn your salvation. But you can never earn anything from God for the rest of your life, but if you do try the bible declears it to be a sin. Trying to be saved by works brings Gods wrath and condemnation over your life. God curses those who try to be saved by works, to earn their righteousness. But He also curses those who try to live the christian life by works and not by grace. (Rom 3:10, Gal 2:21)


The Bible tells us we are not to do anything to get something from God. He has already provided all we need when He died on a cross for us, we only have to believe to get access to what we already have.

That is why it becomes so dangerous for us to act on thoughts like «God will bless me if I read more in the Bible, if I pray this prayer God will meet my needs, if I give this to the Kingdom He will bless me in return and heal me / provide for me». To act on thoughts like that is to live under law and curse.

But to know the truth is also to know grace.


Is this not wonderful to consider, the fact that God doesnt look at your life to see if you are worthy to be healed today, provided for or protected? He doesnt check your heavenly bank account to see if you have prayed enough, how long your read your bible or how many you witnessed to yesterday to see if you deserve to be provided for and healed today. He just looks to see where you faith is, and if your faith is in the right place which is Jesus Christ and Him crucified, He will every time answer your prayer and meet your needs.


So it doesnt matter how you live, how much or how little your read your bible, pray, tithe. It only matters what you believe.


If you need healing today, believe in Christ and Him crucified. Provision, you need money? Believe in Christ and Him crucified.


How do you believe? I know I am getting way techinchal now trying to define faith, but some of you might be like myself, so caught up in wanting to know if I am doing it the right way – the way described in the Bible.

If I asked you, are you saved? What would you answer? You would probaly tell me about the time when you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and chose to believe He died for your sins. So because of what He did, you would consider yourself right now to be saved even though you are still living on this earth and not yet in heaven.


We all know salvation is a don deal, Jesus died for your sins. So by accepting what He did you are 100% saved from your sins right now and you have been given the Holy Spirit as a down payment, a surety of your salvation.


It doesnt matter how you life, how much or how little you do, it only matters that you believe. And its the same thing with believing for healing, provision and what ever you need as believing for salvation. If Jesus payed for it in His death on the cross we get to claim it right now by faith.


So right now, you are wealthy because of the blood of Jesus Christ. You are healed because of the blood of Jesus Christ.


This is not word of faith confessions we are talking about here. The Bible doesnt say we are to ignore physical symptoms in our body and the numbers on our bank account. But we are to confess what we already have, despite the circumstances. That is how we operate in faith, that is the true good fight of faith that says «ok I might be sick, I might be broke, but the blood of Jesus has already healed me and made me wealthy. The blood of Jesus has already payed all my bills and because of the blood of Jesus I have enough for myself my familiy and extra to share with the Kingdom of God».


So you choose by faith to fight the good fight of faith choosing to confess reality, and reality is that the cross of Jesus Christ and His blood has given us everything we need for this life and the next one. (Eph 1:3, 1.Chor 12:9, Rev 12:11)


In the natural, right now, my family and I dont have much money left. Its a long time to the next paycheck, but as it looks right now we are going to make it by the skin of our teeth. In the natural we are selling our house, and in two days, we are moving. We dont have the money to pay for the move, but we have arranged with the movers that they are willing to wait until the house is sold before we pay them. It is highly unlikely that we will get enough money to pay of all our debts from the sale of the house.


So in the natural the situation is not good right now.


But I choose to fight the good fight of faith, because I know that when Jesus died for me, His blood has given me salvation and forgivness of sins. His blood has restored me to sonship with God, His blood Has made me righteous. His blood has already payed the price for my financial sins, and because of that, His blood has already restored my finances. So I choose to say, despite my circumstances, «I am wealthy, all my bills are payed and I have enough money to leave my current job and go into full time ministry because of the blood of Jesus Christ».


When I now have made this statement nothing has changed in the natural. But I know things are beginning to take place in the spiritual, and soon, wery soon, I will see it come to pas in the natural. (Rev 12:11)


So dear reader, take what is rightfully yours. Go to the cross and collect what Jesus bought for us with His blood. But make sure one important thing, dont come to the cross to have your physical needs met. That would be dishonering what He did for us. For the most important part of all is your salvation, your forgivness, and the sacrifice for your sins. So choose to come to the cross to recieve righteousness and forgivness for your sins first, and then everything will flow natural from that point on. And you know you need forgivness, the 10 commandments testify about your guilt.


If you want this now I invite you to pray this prayer. Praying is conversation with God, so just think of it as talking to a person that is standing next to you. And if you are in a situation right now where you cant pray out loud, pray inside of you. God who created you knows what you are thinking, so He will hear it anyway.


Dear God, I have sinned against you. I am guilty, and I deserve your jugdment and your wrath. Please forgive me for my sins, forgive me for sinning against you. Thank you for sacrificing Jesus Christ your Son for me and my sins. I believe Jesus died for me, I believe Jesus was sacrificed for my sins. I believe He was raised from the dead and He lives now. I want to live the rest of my life believing Jesus was sacrificed for me, as your son/daughter. I want Jesus to be my Lord from this day on. In Jesus name I pray



If you prayed this prayer you are now saved. Now you have become a child of God and you are righteous. Not because of something you did or didnt do, but because of what He did at the cross and your decision to believe that to be true.


Tell somebody about this, and I invite you to come back to my church to learn how to grow as a christian in your new faith. I also invite you to contact me if you need me to pray for you or you need me to prophecy to you ( / through my ministry Facebook page and the «message» function.



Published by Apostle Ernie