I'm not some weird non-leg-and-armpit-shaving-man-hating feminist by any means. In fact, I just cut myself in the shower a few days ago trying to keep those damned things groomed. This is moreso my confession to help me feel better about spending the extra dough on myself.


Listen, I know I don't have to keep my nails done and my eyebrows waxed. I know I still look like a sexy beast with no makeup and sweat pants [my usual weekend wear], but sometimes I want/need the good ol' female pamper time.

I went to the nail shop after work this week to get my nails taken off. I normally get powdered nails and have kept getting a refill for months now. I finally decided I was going to take the powder off and just keep my nails polished without acrylic for a while. It costed $10 for her to take them off! That was the first time I had ever paid anyone to take my nails off. I only had her take them off because I didn't think I'd be able to do it on my own. I had never tried to take off powder on my own, especially when it was literally just the powder coated over my real nail. I thought I'd mess it up. Low and behold, she did the same shit I would have done to take it off. No special tools or weapons to remove them in an easy elegant manner. Hell no. She popped those things off like we were sitting in her living room watching How To Get Away With Murder. The worst part about it all, I tipped her $8!! What is wrong with me?!

I guess I was prepping her for my return this weekend to get my eyebrows waxed so she does a good job? She always does a great job even without an 80% tip! This is why I need to be paid to be a woman. This can't keep happening. I get it, it was just $18.

But that's $18 worth of tacos I could've had....

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