Today let’s talk about food. Yes, food, which is Latin for “oh forget healthy, let’s have pizza”. After a filthy joke, if something grabs our quick attention, it is FOOD. We people are kind of crazy about food, aren’t we? (Of course I’m a foodie too, I mean who isn’t?). We are very much addicted to food. GOOD FOOD is GOOD MOOD. We are food lovers but mostly it’s high calorie burger or pizza. Healthy food doesn’t excite us much. I mean you can’t expect to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger if your best friends are carbohydrates and sugar. We are the people who get psyched the second we know a new restaurant has opened in town. We want to try every possible dish as soon as possible. A famous quote says “A healthy outside starts from healthy inside”. True that. I mean whatever you eat will be thrown out of your body anyway, but those taste buds, man! It’s hard to control them. It always wants something spicy, delicious to satisfy itself. And that food will surely please the tongue but not your body. A bitter truth is that, tasty food is never healthy and healthy food is never tasty. Another famous quote by Ann Wigmore says “THE FOOD YOU EAT CAN BE THE SAFEST & MOST POWERFUL FORM OF MEDICINE OR THE SLOWEST FORM OF POISON”. Whatever you eat today, is definitely going to affect you. Satisfy your tongue today and suffer tomorrow or eat healthy today and relish tomorrow. Choice is yours. Choose wisely. Image source- []

Published by Sahil Sachdeva