With the end of the present year and the beginning of the next year, we have the opportunity to reflect on our habits and think about how our lifestyle affects the environment in which we live. To live an ecological and sustainable Christmas it is not necessary to plant trees or organize a campaign to raise awareness, but simply to be a little environmentalist on each holiday and in all the others that will come.

Next, we compile and show a series of eco-friendly ideas for you to consider in this new Christmas season that will give a truly ecological touch:

  • Try vegetarian or vegan menus

One of the ways you can help better the environment is by reducing your meat consumption. While it doesn’t mean that you have to change your diet completely, you can check out the restaurants that offer vegetarian or vegan menus. 

  • The gift of eco-friendly gifting

A lot of waste comes from gifting, you can consider giving your friends and family a meaningful and eco-friendly gift this Christmas. You can get some inspiration of where you can take part in the gift of giving while being caring to the environment via this eBook created by Liverpool One.

  • Use LED lights.

These types of lights last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and use 80% less energy, in addition to being much more modern and have a high rating with respect to energy efficiency.

Remember to turn on the Christmas lights only when you are at home when you can enjoy them. Be sure to turn off the exterior decorations before going to sleep or set a timer to help you remember to do it.

  • Recycle what you can.

Not everything being used over Christmas has to end up in the waste bin, but instead study what you can and cannot recycle and make sure materials are being repurposed in the most sutainable way possible. Some brands offer recycling schemes to help encourage this habit, by taking certain products in you might even be given discounts to that particular shop. More information can be found in the Liverpool One eBook. 

  • Send electronic cards.

Take advantage of technology and help the environment by reducing the use of printed cards and send all your loved ones a Christmas message through electronic cards. This also reduces pollution caused by vehicles used for traditional mail deliveries.

  • Use a really green Christmas tree.

Raise awareness among your family and friends using natural Christmas trees. One option is to use a Christmas tree that is a living plant so that after the festivities are over you can transplant it into a garden.

  • Make green gifts.

Consider giving eco-friendly or homemade gifts for people on your gift list.

  • Green gifts may include: Energy Saving Elements, Recycled Material Books, Electronic Books, Bicycles, Prepaid Transport Cards, Gift Cards for organic stores, restaurants and health food stores, Donations to organizations that work for the environment.

  • You can also give homemade items such as: Food or pastry, Paintings and photographs, Ceramics or Decorations, Fabrics or Knitted Garments, Homemade Decorations, Projects and woodwork.

Avoid gifts that use batteries. The figures indicate that about 40% of battery sales happen due to the Christmas season. Discarded batteries are one of the worst risks to nature. Even the rechargeable ones will eventually be discarded.

Traditionally the color of Christmas is green, now, they can be an eco-warrior this festive searson by using the tips, ideas, recipes, recycling schemes mentioned in Liverpool One’s eBook. If you have any tips, join the conversation on social media with #YourEcoChristmas.


Published by Johanne Cosihan