Too many times I have found myself being punished for being confident. Being made the antagonist because I know what I want. One thing I have learned though is to always embrace who you are. In all of times!

It baffles me how we are expected to be unsure of who we are and what we want in life. Confidence seems to be frowned upon by the very individuals that should be promoting it. One of the other things I have learned in life is that each individual I am in a relationship with, could be a friendship, a blood relation or a school-oriented one, that individual instantly takes the role of a teacher to me. From them I learn how to relate to people, how to carry myself, etc. I must admit a lot of the lessons I have learned this way I probably shouldn't have 🙈
I say so because that is how I learned to always doubt myself and to live in constant fear and anxiety. Today is a brand new day! I call BS on that notion.

Today I believe that I have no business in doubting myself, and neither should you doubt yourself. Today I choose to wear my confidence, no longer will I be made to feel anything less that what I truly am. I am a rock!

Published by Aphelele 'Aphsie' Chonco