With all the snow this winter, Fall feels like eons ago. But soon winter will end. Then come spring. Then Summer. And before you know it, its already Fall – the perfect season to have a wedding.
Fall is the beautiful time for indoor or outdoor weddings and receptions. You can make elegant and romantic decorations with the items that can be found form the outdoors such as leaves, flowers, branches etc.

Here are some of the fall wedding ideas and tips to get you started.

1. If you are planning for fall wedding, try to choose the color scheme that focuses more towards the colors that you see outside. The color scheme that you chose reflects the beauty of the season. You can opt for colors like golden yellow, burgundy, brown and leaf green with shades of orange, purple, ivory etc. Choose vibrant colors that would look great on your wedding video, and make sure to hire amazing pro videographers like 2Bridges Productions.

Some of the classic color combinations that look rich and fantastic are purple and silver, gold and ivory, rich brown paired with pale blue, pink paired with dark brown or rich yellow etc.

2. Use the candle holders, table clothes and table accents depending upon the color scheme you opted. In your wedding flowers, try to put the boughs of fall leaves along with greenery. For your bouquet, you can use greenery with dried leaves and ivory blossoms.

3. To create a romantic look, try to decorate the aisles, the tables and around the area of ceremony with the raking leaves or with garlands having clusters of ornamental grapes combined with grapevine leaves or garlands of silk autumn leaves which can be bought from a local craft store or Michael's. You can collect the raking leaves and store them before your wedding.

4. You can have helium balloons blown in all fall colors floating around the area of ceremony.

5. When it comes to flowers, try the beautiful fall blooms like sunflowers, daisies, calla lilies, hydrangeas, roses, hibiscus, dahlias, chrysanthemums, wheat stalks etc.

6. There are many fall themed center pieces to beautify your wedding tables like Hollow out the pumpkins and turn them into a holder for bouquets and floral arrangements. Add floral foam. Take the autumn blossoms like sunflowers, daisies, lilies or mums, some greenery like fern leaves or lemon grass, dried leaves, fall foliage and tie them with a shimmer ribbon and place them in the pumpkin holder. Try to use gourds and mini pumpkins as candle holders. Take a wooden bowl or rustic basket and fill the basket with decorative gourds, fall blossoms like sunflowers, mums, silk autumn leaves and different varieties of miniature pumpkins. Place the basket at the center of the table and place the raking leaves or wheat springs around it. A miniature cornucopia with mini pumpkins, fall and silk flowers and wax fruit makes an excellent centerpiece. Take a crystal bowl and fill it with water and fruits such as crab apples, hypericum berries, lemons etc. Place the floating candles in the bowl along with fall flowers and raking leaves.

7. For an elegant look, stringed lights can be hung from the trees for an outdoor wedding. For an indoor wedding, the stringed lights can be hung on the ceiling, near the aisle etc.

8. Decorate your wedding cake with frosted fall fruits or faux fall leaves in shade of orange, red or yellow. You can even use hollowed miniature pumpkins or gourds to serve soup.

9. You can even use the fall elements for your invitations. Invitations cut out in the shape of pumpkins or autumn leaves can be ideal.

10. Try to wrap your wedding favors with a ribbon which inspires the autumn feeling.

Published by Kaushal Shah